Ric Flair On Why He Was Recently Worried He Lost Roman Reigns’ Respect

Ric Flair spoke on a special pop-up show with Conrad Thompson about many topics including Daniel Bryan's contract status and why he doesn't see him leaving WWE. Flair also also revealed that he was afraid that he had lost the respect of Roman Reigns due to a dispute with WWE in 2019. That year, Flair and WWE were in a dispute over "The Man" trademark, which WWE wanted to use for Becky Lynch and ultimately gained the rights to in 2020.

Flair said he pulled Reigns aside and talked to him about it because he didn't want WWE's top star to be upset with him. He also talked about not wanting to be the guy that shows up to RAW or SmackDown every week that was disliked by the locker room.

"I was concerned that I had lost the respect of Roman Reigns," Flair admitted. "When that whole 'The Man' thing went upside down, I had to file the trademark and whatever transpired, it means nothing now. I walked right up to him and said 'Hey, it means a lot to me.' You want the kids to look forward to you coming, not here he comes again. Especially when you have a daughter that is at the most elite position she can be in. You don't hear Bob Orton at home, and Bob was a huge star, complaining about anybody. Let bygones be bygones and let it go."

Flair continued to talk about this year's WrestleMania, saying he thought it was as good a show as he had ever seen. The 16 time World Champion also shared that there was a massive party afterwards that everyone attended to celebrate both nights.

"I went the second night and it was great," Flair said. "I thought it was as good a WrestleMania as I had seen. All the matches were good, they didn't have a bad match on the card either night. Some were better than others but they didn't have a bad one. Everybody got to enjoy the feeling of a live crowd and above all else, everybody on Sunday night came out afterwards.

"I don't mean Vince, Stephanie or Hunter, but I can assure you wherever they were in their suite or restaurant they rented, everybody celebrated. They made a statement and that went towards other events opening up. It wasn't like they were rolling the dice, the SuperBowl they did it right but our WrestleMania, that show that the company put on, it blew the SuperBowl away if you're looking for spectacular. WrestleMania was phenomenal and people got their money's worth."

Being the father of one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time, Flair talked about his daughter Charlotte, noting that it's crazy to believe that her and the other Four Horsewomen have maintained their spot on top of WWE. He spoke about how great of an accomplishment that is for all those women, stating that only a few men who can lay claim to an achievement like that.

"They didn't start out low, they came in on top," Flair said. "They didn't leave NXT and start on the bottom, they left NXT and started on top. To think she and Sasha and Becky and Bayley have been on top for six years. Six years on top? You know how many guys can say that? Randy Orton can say it, Roman can say it now, Seth can say it, AJ. It's just a handful.

"To be there five or six years and be on top and not go back and be repackaged. When you don't have to comeback repackaged and different music, to just comeback as just yourself, [Charlotte] will always be the queen. Sasha will always be the boss. You don't understand how special that elite group is, there's a lot of people that go in the Hall of Fame but there's no mark for how long you can stay on top and how great that makes you just at a different level to be on top. In what is a very very very competitive situation."

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