WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam took to Twitter this week and reacted to social media feedback on the various WWE departures and cuts.

“Since I signed my 2001 contract with WWE, they’ve always followed WM with a change-up in the roster, which releases many people from their positions. Every year, the social world is shocked,” RVD wrote.

One fan responded and said the releases aren’t shocking, just saddening. He also said the fact that RVD is comfortable with the pattern is sad.

RVD wrote back, “As Ric Flair put it… when you live the life we do, you become desensitized to a lot. Don’t be sad bro”

Another fan asked if RVD was ever caught by the annual releases. He responded, “Not in WWE but if it had, my jaw wouldn’t have dropped in disbelief. I never took my job for granted or felt irreplaceable while I was there.”

Van Dam made another interesting comment when one fan said they’ve never seen him defend any company as much as he was defending WWE, not even TNA once at all.

“Well, I guess you can read into my observation however you need to,” RVD replied.

RVD also responded to another fan who said people are sad because they don’t want to see wrestlers lose their jobs.

He wrote, “Thanks. What was the question?”

Finally, another fan wrote that RVD was irreplaceable and one of a kind. The fan commented that RVD knows what he wants for his career, even if its unpopular, and that’s why the fan has RVD on his Mount Rushmore of Wrestling.

“Thanks. But it never felt that way when I was in the competitive frame of mind, often falling to the pedigree,” RVD replied.

You can see RVD’s full tweets below:

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