Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* The Young Bucks grieve over their stolen Air Diors. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston took them at the end of last week’s Dynamite.

* Ryan Nemeth does the Hollywood Pop Quiz with Rebel. He asks about who was the spokesperson for Venmo (it was him), but she had no idea. He was bummed that she had no idea.

* Peter Avalon writes a note to Leva Bates in a book. Says he misses her and thanks Bates for being her. Cezar Bononi has to show him something and he leaves the book behind. Alex Reynolds takes the book and signs it “Alex Reynolds – XO.” Avalon comes back for the book and sees it’s gone.

* Brandon Cutler bumps in Allie (The Bunny) who wanted to talk to him about their feud. She feels like it’s gone a bit out of control and actually likes him. She made a peace offering of a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tart. Cutler agrees to a truce  and goes to take it, but she drops the Pop Tart and stomps on it. Cutler says “this is war” and Allie responds, “I’m going to f***ing kill you.”

* Clips of Young Bucks vs. Varsity Blonds on Dynamite.

* Backstage, Trent and Rocky Romero talk about how they are each other’s favorite tag partners. Trent says Rocky is even better than Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. They realize Chuck, Kris Statlander, and Cassidy are standing there with shades on. Taylor puts shades on the two and stand in a line. John Silver shows up and says it’s shades day! He keeps talking and eventually gets kicked between the legs. Slow motion of the group walking towards the camera, similar to the film, Reservoir Dogs.

* Trick shots with Nick Jackson.

* Ryan Nemeth with another Hollywood Trivia Quiz featuring Trent. He asks him who played the hunky construction worker in Pee Wee’s Big Holiday. Trent guesses it was Nemeth, and says he knew it because Ryan told him. Nemeth acts like Trent knew the answer and won the show.

* Sammy Guevara still has the BTE Title, but has to have a meeting with The Young Bucks in their dressing room. Cutler tells them they have to wear some kind of Jordans in there, or wear nothing at all. He boots Guevara’s cameraman (Dark Order’s 5) as this is a BTE exclusive. They head in, Matt and Nick think Guevara and his guy are making fun of them getting their sneakers stolen. Matt says ever since Guevara won it the title has been buried. Matt wants the championship back on BTE and Guevara has to defend it right now against Cutler. They play some Fast Track Hockey board game. Cutler ends up winning the title and brings it back to BTE.  Guevara tries to take the AEW World Tag Team Title and they get booted from the dressing room. Cutler says he’s so excited to have the title.

* Evil Uno streams the video game, AEW Casino.

* Dark Order does some random drawings. Most of them are terrible, but Grayson figures out who “the girl” (Anna Jay) is that he’s been seeing. It’s a photo of Jay, but had a filter over it like Grayson drew something really amazing. The group still doesn’t know what Grayson is talking about and leaves. Grayson is freaking out and then notices a girl stick figure in the background of Hangman Page’s drawing and thinks it’s the same person. He runs off to talk with Hangman.

* BTE Mailbag: Best Friends are featured this week. One asks if Orange Cassidy likes to sing, “Maybe.” Rocky Romero joins the group and answers one of the questions. He says a condor is his favorite bird. They talk about their favorite cereals. Another question says if they were the cast of a superhero movie, who would they be? Chuck Taylor immediately says he’s Star-Lord, Chuck is Drax, Kris is Gamora, Cassidy is Groot, and Rocky is Rocket Raccoon.

* Avalon with JD Drake at a hotel for some team-building yoga. They head into a hotel room to find Ryan Nemeth and Crezar Bonini with candles all around them. Bononi then shows them the book they will be following for stretch, Kama Satura. Drake says he doesn’t know much about yoga, but he knows that’s not it. Bononi finally opens the book and realizes this might not be it. They decide to head out and get some food instead.

* At home, Matt Jackson talks to camera about how much he loved his stolen Air Diors. He jokes how Eddie Kingston could probably use the extra money if he sold them. Matt brings up how Eddie said they came up on the indie circuit. Matt says they were making money at the merch table while Eddie was out smoking with the job guys and ring crew. “Don’t act like we were best friends,” Matt says. Sarcastically, he says Eddie is an authentic wrestler, so good for him! Matt moves to Jon Moxley and makes fun of his “Wild Thing” theme song. He mentions how Moxley has thrived after moving away from WWE. Won the title, has a book coming out, and a kid on the way. Matt brings up how the “world’s worst commentator” Jim Ross said The Young Bucks were “unmatched” against Moxley and Kingston. He reminded Ross that they are the champions — not Kingston and Moxley. Is it because they are tougher? Is it because The Young Bucks don’t have a smoker’s cough or a bad back? Matt says apparently people forgot what Matt and Nick had to do on the indies to survive, and how they became self-made millionaires through their hard work. He brings up how they just spilled the blood of one of their oldest friends (Christopher Daniels) and “put him out to pasture.” So, if they can do that, what would they do to two guys like Eddie and Jon? Matt says they will at the PPV, this isn’t a place where two singles stars just join up and defeat the tag champions. Matt says he can already see the anti-Young Bucks nonsense on social media, but they muted the world a long time ago. Matt says they will win, nothing will change, the goal posts will be moved and The Young Bucks won’t get the respect they deserve until way down the road after they’ve passed. “Fans and experts will wonder if they will be a team like us ever again? And there won’t be. Enjoy us while you can.”

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