ROH TV Results (5/10): EC3 Teams With Flip Gordon Against The Briscoes 

Ian Riccaboni checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. Riccaboni talks about Quinn McKay's upcoming match against Angelina Love.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay check in backstage.

Flip Gordon and EC3 make their entrances. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) make their entrance.

Flip Gordon & EC3 vs. The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) 

EC3 and Jay lock up. EC3 takes Jay to the mat with a headlock takeover  Jay gets out of it with a head-scissors. Jay hits an arm-drag on EC3. Later in the match, Jay exchanges strikes with EC3. Jay sends EC3 out of the ring. EC3 pulls Jay out of the ring. Jay sends EC3 into the ringside barrier. Mark sends Gordon to the corner in the ring. Jay clotheslines Gordon. Mark gets Gordon up for a powerbomb, EC3 makes the save to prevent it. Jay strikes EC3. EC3 hits a double clothesline on Jay & Mark. EC3 tags himself in. EC3 runs towards Mark in the corner, Mark gets his boots up. EC3 gets Mark up into a Fireman's Carry position. Mark elbows EC3 in the head to get out of it. Mark connects with a forearm to EC3. Mark powerbombs EC3 as Jay simultaneously hits a neck-breaker on EC3. Gordon breaks a pin attempt by Mark on EC3. Jay runs towards Gordon, Gordon pulls the top rope down to send him out of the ring. Gordon hits a cross-body to the outside on Jay. Gordon slides a chair into the ring. The referee removes the chair as Gordon hits Mark with Jay's chain EC3 gets Mark up into a Fireman's Carry position before dropping him onto his knee. EC3 hits Reverse STO on Mark. EC3 pins Mark for the three count.

Winners: Flip Gordon & EC3

A video package is shown on Brian Johnson.

Brian Johnson makes his entrance for an Open Challenge. Danhausen comes to the stage with a microphone in hand. Danhausen talks about having heard that Johnson has an open challenge tonight. Danhausen talks about having previously defeated Johnson, so he brought a Gifthausen. PCO makes his entrance. Danhausen joins Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.

Brian Johnson vs. PCO

Johnson attacks PCO from behind. Johnson kicks PCO several times in the corner. Johnson drives his shoulder into PCO. PCO and Johnson exchange strikes. PCO clotheslines Johnson. The fight eventually spills out of the ring. PCO strikes Johnson at ringside. PCO sends Johnson into the side of the ring before Back-Dropping him over the ringside barrier onto the concrete. PCO starts screaming. PCO takes out the time keeper and ring announcer Bobby Cruise. PCO starts walking towards the referee. PCO starts to run, PCO sends himself through the ringside barricade. Johnson strikes PCO several times. Johnson sends PCO into the barricade. Johnson sends PCO into the ring. Johnson ascends the turnbuckles. Johnson hits a clothesline from off the top rope on PCO. After three more clothesline attempts with PCO remaining on his feet, Johnson manages to send PCO out of the ring. Johnson hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on PCO. Johnson rolls PCO back into the ring. Johnson hits a Splash from off the top turnbuckle on PCO. PCO gets right to his feet. PCO hits a Pop-Up Powerbomb on Johnson. PCO goes to the top turnbuckle. PCO hits a PCO-sault on Johnson. PCO pins Johnson for a two count. Johnson removes the top turnbuckle pad. PCO runs towards Johnson, Johnson dodges it as PCO runs in to the exposed turnbuckle. Johnson pins PCO for a two count with his feet on the ropes for leverage. Johnson slaps the head of PCO several times. PCO locks in the Destro Death Grip on Johnson. Johnson taps out.

Winner: PCO

A video package is shown on Angelina Love and Quinn McKay.

Quinn McKay and The Allure's Angelina Love (with Mandy Leon) make their entrances. Maria Kanellis Bennett has joined Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni on commentary.

Angelina Love vs. Quinn McKay

McKay and Love lock up. Love locks in a wrist-lock on McKay. Love switches to a headlock on McKay. Love sends McKay to the mat with a sweep of the legs from behind. McKay eventually hits a Powerslam on Love. McKay pins Love for a two count. McKay locks in her Tangerine Dream submission on Love. Love attempts to get to the ropes, McKay drags her back to the center of the ring. McLay locks in a body-scissors on Love as Many Leon gets up on to the ring apron. McKay attempts to attack Leon, Leon jumps down from the apron. Love hits her Botox Injection finisher on McKay. Love pins McKay for the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.