Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about tonight’s matches.

Matt Taven is shown on the ground backstage. Mike Bennett checks on Taven and helps him up. Tvane’s ankle is hurt.

Fred Yehi and Rocky Romero make their entrances. This will be a Pure Rules Match. World Famous CB is on commentary with Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

Pure Rules Match: 

Fred Yehi vs. Rocky Romero 

Yehi locks in a waist lock on Romero. Romero attempts to reverse it into a face lock, Yehi switches to a wrist lock. Romero eventually attempts to lock in a Diablo Arm-bar on Yehi. Yehi strikes the midsection of Romero several times. Romero goes for a knee strike on Yehi. Yehi blocks the knee strike. Yehi connects with a forearm to the face of Romero. Yehi kicks Romero in the back of the head. Yehi locks in a Leg Clutch around the face of Romero. Romero taps out.

Winner: Fred Yehi 

Mike Bennett checks on Matt Taven in the trainer’s room. Taven doesn’t want to wait for another Tag Team title shot. Taven promises Bennett that this won’t affect anything.

Flip Gordon comes to the ring for an in-ring promo. Gordon tells Rush that he is done waiting. Gordon tells Rush that he has him exactly where he wants him. Gordon tells Rush to get his ass out here. EC3 makes his entrance with a microphone in hand. EC3 stares down Gordon before telling him that he has been warned. EC3 makes his exit.

The OGK’s Matt Taven & Bike Bennett make their entrances. The FOundation’s ROH Tag Team Champions Matt Taven & Rhett Titus make their entrance.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match:

The Foundation (Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) (c) vs. The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett)

Williams and Bennett lock up. Bennett locks in a waist-lock on Willliams, Williams reverses that into a wrist lock on Bennett to take him to the mat. Later in the match, Williams runs towards Taven in the corner, Taven connects with an elbow to the face of Williams.  Williams comes towards Taven again, Taven gets his boots up. Taven goes for a springboard cross-body from off the second rope, Williams dodges it as Taven crashes to the mat. Titus is tagged in. Titus connects with a running kick on Taven. Williams clotheslines Taven. Titus dropkicks the back of Taven. Titus assists Williams with a piledriver on Taven. Titus pins Williams for the three count.

Winners: The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams). 

Vincent is shown on the iron and says I am Matt Taven as the show comes to a close.


They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.

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