The Godfather Publicly Apologizes To Wife For Leaving Her Out Of WWE Hall of Fame Speech

WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and The Godfather (Charles Wright) will sit down for a new Broken Skull Sessions interview on Peacock and the WWE Network this Sunday.

WWE has released two preview clips from the interview. As seen below, The Bump previewed the interview this morning with a clip of The Godfather talking about how he forgot to mention his wife Denise during his 2016 Hall of Fame speech.

"So, when it came to the Hall of Fame, my wife's like, 'Are you gonna write a speech?' I'm like, 'No, I'm just going to go off the cuff, I'm going to hit this, I'm going to hit this,' and I'm telling her, 'I'm going to put you over like Rover, I'm just going to just tell everybody all about how you were for the gimmick, and the originator of the gimmick.'

"So, I get up there and I started having fun, and I'm doing my thing. My grandson was there, and it was his birthday. So there was a part where I wanted the whole audience to say happy birthday to him, and then after that I was going to hit my wife, and how she was the creator and everything, and put her over. Well, the thing with my grandson went so well that I skipped the part with my wife somehow, and I went on to the finish. The second, the second that I walked off I said, 'Oh Hell, I forgot to mention my wife!' My wife... we've been married 20 years, she is everything. I went to the first person I saw, 'Did I mention my wife, did I mention my wife?' They said we don't think so. So I did my Hall of Fame speech and never mentioned my wife."

Godfather continued and apologized to his wife again, begging forgiveness.

"So that's one thing... that's a screw-up that I can't fix," Godfather said. "I just... every chance I get... that's one thing I missed. I wish I would've put her over because she is so much more of The Godfather than me just being out there, being silly and having fun, and she did the costumes, the outfits, the jewelry. Honey, I love you to death, I'm so sorry. I know I screwed up, please forgive me. Because she still holds it against me, because anytime something bad happens she goes, 'Well, at least he mentioned her.'"

WWE also released a clip of Austin quizzing The Godfather on his various gimmicks in WWE.

The new Broken Skull Sessions episode with Austin and Godfather will be released this Sunday on Peacock and the WWE Network. You can see the two clips below: