The Godfather Recalls WWE Nixing Plans To Bring Back Papa Shango

WWE Hall of Famer The Godfather (Charles Wright) appeared on the latest episode of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, which is now available on Peacock/WWE Network.

During their conversation, Godfather recalled when he returned to the WWE in 1997 with plans of rebooting his Papa Shango gimmick. As seen in the photo, WWE was considering a less comical, over-the-top version of the character.

Godfather worked the gimmick in 1992 and 1993 that included a lot of voodoo magic where he would cast spells on opponents to cause them pain or to vomit.

"This was going to be less comical, a lot more serious — Jerry Lawler painted that face," Godfather said while looking at photos of the newer Papa Shango presentation. "I show up to TV, ready to go. I'm in really good shape here. I worked out hard, I'm like, 'We going to have some fun now, I'm going to be a lot more serious this time.' I was probably 285, I was in really good shape. I show up to TV, took these pictures, and they say, 'Vince wants to talk with you.'

"I was like, 'Cool! I want to talk with Vince!' I go in there, right, and Vince was like, 'Charles, change of plans. We're going to put you in the Nation of Domination. You and Faarooq are going to wrestle Undertaker, and you're going to go over.' I'm like, 'What?' And he goes, 'We have this outfit made for you.' [Laughs] Okay, I don't know how most people would take it. I said, 'You're the boss, you're paying me. Let's do it.'"

He was then billed as Kama Mustafa and eventually worked alongside Faarooq, Mark Henry, D'Lo Brown, and later, Owen Hart.

You can see Godfather's comments in the clip below.

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