Austin and Colten Gunn of The Gunn Club were on a recent episode of Talk Is Jericho. Chris Jericho spoke with the two about their careers so far in pro wrestling, and he asked them what it was like to grow up with their father Billy. They talked about if they watched their dad growing up.

Austin said, “We weren’t allowed to watch it.

“Because the Attitude Era was going on and my dad’s on TV saying, ‘Suck it.’ My mom, if he had a match, she would kind of let us watch a little bit, but we weren’t sitting there watching the two hour RAW,” Colten noted.

The Gunn Club also shared their memories of traveling on the road with their father as well. They revealed what happened when they were messing around in the ring, and Austin revealed which wrestlers scared him as a kid.

“We used to go to the shows a lot actually,” Colten recalled. “Dad took us on the road quite a bit, especially when we were on summer break for school. We always used to go and mess around in the ring all the time.

“Vince [McMahon] would kick us out all the time,” Austin revealed. “All the time.

“I actually have a vivid memory, two actually, of me and Austin in the ring, and they started playing everyone’s music and they all started running to the ring,” Colten said. “Me and Austin are just cleaning house. We’re like eight years old giving a great comeback, getting on the top, doing the ‘Suck It’ or whatever. It’s nuts.

“Dustin Rhodes, you know the giant swing? He did that to me when I was young, and I just, for some reason, still remember it because it sucked so bad. I got so dizzy. I’m like, ‘That was so mean.’ I don’t know why I couldn’t forget that.

“I just remember always being afraid of The Undertaker and Kane,” Austin added. “I was just so little at that time, and I didn’t understand the concept of wrestling. I just knew that we were at Dad’s work, and we got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold and I was more interested in that and seeing them because they’re larger than life personalities and so welcoming.

“And then whenever Undertaker and Kane came around the corner, I would just start crying and hide behind my mom. And later in life, they’re just the nicest people ever. I think my first wrestling spot was with AJ Styles, did a huricanranna around the body five times because I was so small. That was when dad was in TNA.”

Jericho noted that his own kids see him as just their dad and not a larger than life figure as some fans might. Austin and Colten spoke on what it was like to grow up with a father that was a pro wrestler.

“I think when your child, it’s just normal. You don’t know anything else,” Colten admitted. “He’s your dad. Yeah, he’s on TV and beats people up, but that’s just what he does, and you don’t understand until you get older the sacrifices that you guys, including you (Jericho), have made for your family.

“You’re traveling 300 days a year, you’re taking brutal beatings to your body, but it’s to make your family have a better life and you don’t understand that as much when you’re a kid. You just think you’re gone 300 days out of the year, but at the same time, that’s what dad does. That’s cool, it’s normal

“It’s just one year when you want to look up in the stands and see him at your game at least when you’re going through lacrosse, or football or basketball,” Austin added. “It’s just like, why isn’t dad here? Oh, it’s because he’s on the road. Again?”

Now that they are older, Austin and Colten note they are watching everything that they couldn’t when they were growing up. Austin revealed which WWE Hall of Famer has inspired his own in-ring style.

“Now we watch everything,” Austin noted. “We watch old school matches, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels. I like to watch Mr. Perfect because I love the way he sells, and obviously, in our trio, I’m the one that always has to sell because I’m the smallest. I just love and appreciate the little things that dad points out sometimes in older footage and older matches. And we obviously go back and watch him. I appreciate the art of it. I think I like just convincing people that I’m really in trouble. I really like the art of selling rather than giving a comeback.

“I think I’ve asked him, ‘Do you want me to sell tonight?’ He’s like, ‘No, no, I got it,'” Colten said.

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