Last night, Chris Jericho tweeted about The Rock after watching a number of WWE videos on YouTube.

“Going down the @YouTube rabbit hole tonight and one thing is clear…he may be the biggest box office draw in Hollywood today, but my goodness, let’s not ever forget how GREAT @TheRock was in the ring,” Jericho wrote. “One of the best ever.”

Rock responded earlier today and thanked Jericho for his praise.

“This means a lot, thank you brother for these words,” Rock responded. “You’re one of the GOATS and man the fun we had electrifying the millions around the world. What an honor. And I still owe you a receipt for that tobacco spit incident.”

Their last singles match took place in 2002 on an episode of WWE SmackDown.

The “tobacco spit incident” Rock is referring to is from when they first wrestled in WWE. Jericho decided to pull a classic heel move by throwing a cup of liquid in Rock’s face. Thinking it was just beer or soda, Jericho launched it into The Great One’s face and then realized it was filled with tobacco spit juice.

“What happened was it was the first match I ever had against The Rock. I did have a lot of animosity and uphill battles when I first got to WWE,” Jericho recalled in a 2011 interview. “I picked up a cup from the floor, but when I threw it in the Rock’s face, it wasn’t beer or soda — it was tobacco spit juice. He was really freaking out, it went in his eyes. He never really did go nuts on me about it. I think because he kind of empathized with me about it, because he came in with a lot of animosity. He kind of had the same thing when he was first coming in — he got a big push coming in, a lot of people didn’t like him. He got a really big push right off the bat and people didn’t like him. The cream always rises to the top. He was my only ally when I first got there in 1999.”