Top WWE Star Reportedly Alerted Management To Velveteen Dream Incident That Led To Release

The Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) was reportedly released from WWE NXT after another wrestler alerted WWE officials about an undisclosed incident.

As noted, WWE released Dream last Thursday after keeping him off TV since his December 2020 loss to Adam Cole. He had recently been back at the WWE Performance Center for training, and was backstage for the May 10 RAW, but WWE terminated his contract after months of rumors & speculation.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that Dream's firing was not related to the allegations against him in 2020 or anything else that had been made public. Word now is that Dream was released after a top WWE talent went to company officials and alerted them about an incident that Dream was involved in.

There is no concrete word on what the incident was, or which WWE star brought it to the attention of WWE officials.

It was reported last week that Dream had behavioral issues during his time with the company, but remained on the roster as he had support from higher-ups. That support led to concern among Dream's co-workers, which could be why the top talent spoke out.

Regarding Dream's behavioral issues, it was noted in last week's report that these issues had more to do with his release than the 2020 allegations did. Other wrestlers were reportedly uncomfortable with going to management about Dream because he was so close with certain officials. There had been talk about Dream's behavior from his time in NXT, and from when he went to other places, such as when he represented WWE at EVOLVE shows in September 2018 and March 2019.

Dream issued a lengthy statement on his departure earlier this week, which you can see at this link. He blamed the 2020 allegations on derailing any upward momentum he had with the company. He also declared that "Dream is officially over" but Patrick Clark will live to fight another day.

There's also no word on what Clark might be planning for the future, but he is under a standard 30-day non-compete clause with his NXT contract. He will be free to sign with another company after Saturday, June 19.

Stay tuned for more on Dream and his WWE release.