NBA star Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers had a viral moment on Wednesday night when he used a DX crotch chop to celebrate a moment during a NBA Playoffs game against the Washington Wizards.

During the second quarter of the Sixers’ win, Embiid took a pass from Ben Simmons at the free throw line and continued to the hoop for a running scoop shot, while taking a foul. Embiid then laid on the ground and celebrated with the crotch chop, something he previously did during a December 2020 game.

Embiid tweeted a photo of the crotch chop on Thursday and quoted WWE Hall of Famers DX.

“If you’re not down with the process, I got two words for ya **** ** #ThrustTheProcess #DX,” wrote the center-forward.

Triple H took to Twitter this morning and re-tweeted Embiid’s photo, writing, “#AreYouReady #TrustTheProcess”

Shawn Michaels also responded with, “…and if you’re not down with that!!!!”

Embiid was asked about the “thrusting” (crotch chop) during his post-game Zoom call with media on Wednesday night. Embiid confirmed that the move was an homage to his favorite wrestlers, Triple H and Michaels.

“It’s fun,” Embiid explained, according to Sports Illustrated. “I missed the crowd. I mentioned that in the past, DX is my favorite. Triple H and Shawn Michaels were my favorite wrestlers. Obviously, the group was also my favorite, and that’s what they used to do. When the refs called the And-1, it just makes sense to combine the both of them and just enjoy myself.”

Embiid previously nicknamed himself “The Process” in a reference to the Sixers’ rebuilding phase under former General Manager Sam Hinkie.

You can see the related tweets below:

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