It looks like AEW’s return to touring in July will not impact WWE’s plan to return to the road.

AEW announced on Monday that they will return to the road in July with Dynamite TV tapings and other live events. It was previously reported that WWE wanted to be the first company to return to ticketed live events, and that if AEW was to start touring in July, then WWE may move their return date up because they were open to doing everything they can to make sure AEW doesn’t start touring first.

In an update, @Wrestlevotes now reports that AEW’s announcement on Monday apparently will not impact WWE’s return to the road, according to sources. While this could change as WWE officials like to be #1 for these types of things, as of today, it still looks like WWE will return to the road in August.

It was recently reported that WWE may begin testing weekend live events soon, but there’s no word on how that is moving forward. WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan noted in his Q1 call opening statement that investors should “stay tuned” for WWE’s announcement showcasing their full-time return to live event touring with fans in the crowd.

Stay tuned for more on WWE’s return to the road.