On the latest episode of WWE After the Bell, NXT UK Champion WALTER joined the show to talk about his time with WWE. Having now held the NXT UK Championship for 750+ days and counting, Walter spoke about holding the title for this long. He also discussed how it feels for WWE to have put the trust in him to keep the same style of wrestling that he’s used throughout his career and not have to adjust to their style.

“It’s a big responsibility of course,” Walter said. “I always feel that as the NXT UK Champion, I would be the one that when I have a match, my match will be seen by the most people out of everybody else from NXT UK. There comes a responsibility from that to showcase what European wrestling is all about.

“That’s something I’m really proud of, I never had to change for WWE. I am still the same person as I was three ago when I worked for everybody else. Just to be able to stick with that and still showcase wrestling the way, I think it’s right in my way and actually get that attention for it and the trust of people in WWE for it, that’s a nice accomplishment.”

Walter has appeared on NXT more often lately, even recently defending his championship against Tommaso Ciampa in successful fashion. Walter spoke about who he would like to face outside of NXT UK and named his top three potential opponents.

“There would be a bunch of guys of course,” Walter said. “When I first got into watching other wrestling than WWE, I was watching a lot of Ring of Honor. A lot of those guys are the top guys in WWE right now, so Daniel Bryan would be one of the matches I’d really want to do. Obviously Cesaro, that’s one.

“He left for America before I really got going in Germany and he’s, in general, a great role model for us German speaking WWE talent. He’s always been super supportive as soon as we stepped foot in WWE he reached his hand out to be super supportive and he’s a fantastic wrestler so he would be one of the guys I would really like to face. Regarding NXT right now, the one match I really wanted to do before COVID, and it has to happen, is against Finn Balor. Those would be the three.”

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