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Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with Asher Hale’s (fka Anthony Henry) purple brand debut.

Asher Hale vs. Ariya Daivari

Both men go straight with a collar and elbow tie-up. Ariya Daivari pushes Asher Hale up towards the corner. Out of the corner, Hale puts Daivari in a tight side headlock. Daivari shoves Hale back into another corner before ramming his shoulder towards Hale’s ribs. Hale locks on another side headlock. Daivari breaks free with two big midsection kicks, followed by a superkick.

Hale catches Daivari and rains in several shots towards the neck and back of Daivari. Hale rocks Daivari with a single-leg dropkick for only a two count! Hale levels Daivari on the outside with a single dropkick again. Daivari bates Hale towards the apron. Hale and Daivari collide in the center of the ring. Daivari ties Hale up in the ropes and takes several swings. Back in the center of the ring, Daivari puts Hale in a powerful sleeper hold. Hale finds a way out with a big powerslam for another near-fall!

Both men slug it out in the center of the ring. Hale levels with a heavy left and two perfect exploder suplexes! Hale catches Daivari in a Northern Lights Suplex. He keeps his momentum on point with an armbar and tornado DDT for another near-fall! Hale climbs up the top rope. Daivari knocks down Hale with an Iconoclasm and a frog splash for a two count! Hale counters Daivari’s hammerlock lariat with an O’Connor rollup for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Asher Hale

– Ever-Rise and The Bollywood Boyz are hanging out and filming their get-together. Ever-Rise encourages The Bollywood Boyz to watch their talk show that airs every Saturday morning.

– We look back on Kushida and Santos Escobar’s 2-Out-Of-3-Falls Match that saw Kushida retain his NXT Cruiserweight Championship this past Tuesday on NXT.

And now, the main event!

Ari Sterling vs. Tony Nese

Tony Nese chops Ari Sterling down and holds on with a wristlock. Sterling flips out of it and reverses the hold. Nese shoves Sterling towards the corner. Sterling throws Nese over towards the other corner with an Irish Whip. Nese escapes and proceeds to do some jumping jacks. Nese slams Sterling with a series of midsection kicks. Sterling rises to his feet and sides Nese on his way with several forearm strikes and a nasty chop.

Sterling lands two perfect sentons. Cover. Nese kicks out. On the outside, Sterling greets Nese with another lethal chop. Nese traps Sterling in the ring apron and whaling on him. Then, Nese slings Sterling over towards the barricade. Cover. Sterling kicks out at one. Sterling eats a spinning heel kick. Nese hooks the leg for another near-fall attempt. Nese applies a body scissors. Sterling fights free with a few back elbows.

Nese sends Sterling crashing spine-first towards the turnbuckles. Both men climb up towards the no man’s land. Sterling escapes and rocks Nese with a top rope dragon rana! Sterling escapes Nese’s control with an enziguri. Sterling sends Nese off the apron with a spinning heel kick. Sterling flies off the ropes with an Asai Moonsault. Sterling gets decked, coming back into the ring. Nese misses a 450 splash from the top.

Sterling corrals Nese back into the ring. Nese hits a back kick and then a piledriver for just a near-fall cout! Sterling returns the favor with a fallout powerbomb for just a two count! Sterling fights Nese off him on the top. Sterling misses a shot from off the top. Nese tosses Sterling towards the corner with a powerful German Suplex. Nese sends Sterling away with a Running Nese for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Tony Nese

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!