WWE 205 Live Results (5/21): Ikemen Jiro & August Grey Vs. Bollywood Boyz, More

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Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. We kick things off with some highflying action!

Ari Sterling vs. Asher Hale

Both men go straight for a lock-up. Ari Sterling ducks to the back and puts Asher Hale in a waistlock. Hale reverses the hold. Sterling ducks out in a unique way. Hale applies a wristlock. Sterling uses an assist from the ropes to reverse the hold. Hale catches Sterling in the same hold again. Sterling breaks free with a stiff shoulder tackle.

Sterling hits a heavy elbow to the side of Hale's face after being put in another waistlock. Sterling surprises Hale with a Top Rope Dragon Rana followed by a perfect spinning heel kick! On the outside, Sterling flies over the ropes with a well scouted Asai moonsault. Hale turns things around by throwing Sterling towards the guardrail. Hale throws Sterling back into the ring by the eighth count.

Back in the ring, Sterling gets hit with a dropkick, then gets locked in a straitjacket hold. Sterling flips out and puts the same hold on Hale. Hale lands a big kick. Hale's confidence continues with a kick to the hamstring of Sterling. Hale adds more punishment towards Sterling's legs with a nasty dragon screw! Sterling finds himself with a pele kick and toehold on Hale. Flying off the ropes, Sterling hits a running 450 splash!

Hale flies off the top rope with a sunset flip. Hale locks Sterling up with an agonizing Indian Deathlock. Sterling finds the rope and grabs on. Hale continues to punish Sterling's legs. Sterling traps Hale with a small package. Hale kicks out. Sterling rolls Hale up with a crucifix pin. Same results. Both men trade near-fall attempts. Sterling hits a pele kick, followed by a pump kick. Sterling turns Hale inside out with a flipping sidewalk slam for the pinfall victory!

Winner: Ari Sterling

And now, the main event!

Ikemen Jiro & August Grey vs. The Bollywood Boyz

August Grey and Samir Singh start the match. Sami puts Grey in a tight headlock, driving him down on the mat. Grey rolls through. Grey goes for the same move set that Samir had him in moments ago. Back on their feet, Grey rolls Samir through with a crucifix pin. Samir kicks out. Samir responds with the same exact pin. Grey kicks out. Samir makes a tag to Sunil Singh. The Bollywood Boyz join forces with a double shoulder tackle on Grey. Ikemen Jiro makes his way into the ring with a tag.

Jiro clocks Sunil with a heavy right hand before jumping off the middle rope with a perfect moonsault. Cover. Sunil kicks out at two. Jiro drags Sunil towards his corner and makes a tag to Grey. Grey whips Sunil towards another corner. Samir helps Sunil avoid a massive crash in the corner. Grey goes shoulder-first towards the ring post. Samir is in. Samir applies a wristlock on Grey, cutting the ring off. Samir whips Grey into the corner. Jiro saves Grey from a double attack in the corner from The Bollywood Boyz.

Jiro makes his way in and lands a flurry of palm strikes on Sunil! Jiro knocks Samir from off the apron. Jiro lands a springboard moonsault for just a near-fall count! Jiro looks for a senton, but Sunil moves out of the way. Samir makes a brief tag in. Grey pulls Samir out of the ring after Samir tags in Sunil. Jiro climbs up to the top rope and sends Sunil crashing down on the mat with a beautiful Rana! Jiro gets the final say in the match with a sharp knee strike for the pinfall victory!

Winners: Ikemen Jiro & August Grey

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!