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Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. Tonight, we kick things off with the first rookie versus OG match on the card.

Asher Hale vs. Tony Nese

Asher Hale and Tony Nese focus on wristlock exchanges. Hale brings Nese down on the mat. Nese’s shoulders touch the mat. He pops up from the near-fall attempt. On their feet, Nese puts Hale down with a wasitlock takedown. Hale turns it around on the mat with another submission. Nese grabs for the bottom rope.

Nese stays on top of Hale with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near-fall attempt. Hale finds his momentum with a powerful suplex for two. Hale lands a knee to Nese’s midsection. Hale’s head ricochets off the top rope, courtesy of Nese. Nese looks for a cover. Hale kicks out. Hale sends Nese towards the ropes. Nese flies off the ropes and rocks Hale with a massive forearm for another near-fall!

Hale stops Nese from attempting a Running Nese. Nese whiplashes towards the turnbuckle. Nese sends himself and Hale out of the ring with a nasty clothesline. Back in the ring, both men trade shots. Hale is the better man in the exchange as he lands a step-up enziguri and another snap German Suplex for a two count! Nese avoids a tornado DDT.

Hale sunset flips himself back into the ring. Nese misses a springboard moonsault. Hale clocks Nese with a kick to the side of the face. Hale applies a Captain’s Hook on Nese and cranks his neck back. Nese taps. Asher Hale picks up the win against one of the OG’s of 205 Live!

Winner: Asher Hale

And now, the main event!

Ari Sterling vs. Ariya Daivari

Both men are very cautious of each other’s single-leg takedowns. Ariya Daivari slides over and applies the leg takedown to get the match started. The way Daivari attacked Sterling during the takedown caused Sterling’s left knee to go out. Daivari focuses on Sterling’s injured leg with a heavy chop block before tossing Sterling up towards the guard rail.

Back in the ring, Sterling traps Daivari in the corner and climbs on top of him. He lands a few forearm shots before Daivari turns things around again and smashes Sterling’s battered leg multiple times into the ring post. Daivari adds more pressure to Sterling’s left knee with a Figure Four. Sterling fights free, but Daivari goes right after the left leg again. Sterling creates some space with a Pele kick!

Sterling pivots with a running 450 on Daviari, then catches him with a top rope dragon rana for a near-fall attempt! Daivari swipes Sterling off the top rope again. Sterling hits an Asai Moonsault! Back in the ring, Daivari locks in a single leg Boston Crab again on the injured knee of Sterling’s. Sterling crawls towards the bottom rope for a break.

Daivari sets Sterling up on the top rope. Daivari hits a heavy chop straight across Sterling’s chest. Sterling shoves him off and lands a spiral tap! Sterling climbs on top of Daivari and looks for a pin. 1-2-3. Sterling prevails over the other OG of 205 Live!

Winner: Ari Sterling

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!