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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a slugfest between two of the most hardest-hitting Superstars on the roster!

Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff

Ilja Dragunov comes flying with a running knee straight out of the gate. Dave Mastiff and Dragunov trade blows. Dragunov latches on with a waistlock. Mastiff breaks free by dragging Dragunov towards the corner. Dragunov holds on and rains down elbow strikes. Mastiff drops Dragunov onto the mat. Mastiff starts bleeding profusely. The referee calls for a stoppage.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov (Medical Stoppage)

– We take a look at a pre-promo from Xia Brookside, who will be one of the five competitors vying for a shot at the NXT Women’s Championship.

– Sid Scala talks to Kenny Williams ahead of his main event matchup tonight.

– After, a video package about Stevie Turner is shown.

Backstage: A backstage correspondent gets a quick word from  Ilja Dragunov after his vicious matchup just moments ago. Dragunov says that change is coming, and then he asks the reporter to follow him.

– Rampage Brown is looking for Joe Coffey.

– Isla Dawn is ready to become the next in line for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. She says she has sacrificed her soul for this opportunity.

Up next, “Supernova Sessions” with Noam Dar!

Noam Dar and his co-host Sha Samuels welcome Nathan Frazer to this week’s show. Dar opens the show by asking Frazer why he changed his name. As Frazer explains his reasoning, Dar chuckles throughout it. Sha Samuels doesn’t think Frazer deserves to be in NXT UK because he isn’t British. Dar agrees and thinks Frazer couldn’t last in the ring with him. Frazer asks if Dar is creating a challenge. Samuels interrupts and says, yes, he is. It looks like Frazer and Dar will square off next week!

– Jinny refuses to let any of the other four female talents take her title shot away.

– Following that, Sid Scala wishes Amir Jordan luck ahead of his match with Kenny Williams.

– We see another vignette from SUBCULTURE (Dani Luna, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster).

– A-Kid and Tyler Bate exchange words before their Heritage Cup Championship match. They watch back their first match together from a year ago.

– SUBCULTURE’s Dani Luna believes going into this Gunatlet match she will be the strongest out of all of her opponents. She believes it’s her time to face Kay Lee Ray for NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Trent Seven vs. Saxon Huxley

Saxon Huxley fires himself up but misses a kick attempt. He does, however, back Trent Seven into the corner with a lockup. Huxley continues to lay into Seven with several heavy midsection shots. Huxley knocks the win out of Seven’s sail with a vicious kick. Seven rises to his feet and scoops Saxon up with a big slam for just a two count!

Huxley blocks Seven’s Seven Stars Lariat with a powerful elbow. Cover. Seven pops out. Huxley suffocates Seven in the corner with a clothesline, followed by a corner face wash. Seven eats another big boot! Back in the ring, Huxley looks for another pin. Seven kicks out. Seven fires back a rain of chops. Huxley breaks his momentum up with a punch to the throat. Seven replies with a wicked DDT!

On the screen, Sam Gradwell appears. He tells Seven that he will never be able to get the job done. Huxley takes advantage of this distraction with a powerbomb! Cover. No. Seven gets the final say in the match by hitting a snap dragon suplex, followed by his Seven Stars Lariat. 1-2-3. Seven prevails!

Winner: Trent Seven

– Returning Superstar, Emilia McKenzie, promises to become the youngest NXT UK Women’s Champion after she wins the Gauntlet match next week!

Next Week:

* A No. 1 Contenders Match will determine who will become the next challenger for the NXT UK Women’s Championship as  Jinny, Isla Dawn, Xia Brookside,  Dani Luna and Emilia McKenzie duke it out in a Gauntlet Match.

* Noam Dar vs. Nathan Frazer in a Heritage Cup Rules Match

And now, the main event! Who will leave NXT UK?

No Disqualification/Loser Leaves NXT UK: Amir Jordan vs. Kenny Williams

At the beginning of the matchup, Kenny Williams has the upper hand. Williams focuses on Amir Jordan’s injured arm. Williams takes a chair to the damaged arm of Jordan’s. Williams sets Jordan up on the top turnbuckle and lands a vicious strike to the spine. Jordan fights Williams off before he can yank any of his teeth out. Jordan soars out of the ring with a well-executed dive!

Williams rips apart the mat protectors on the outside. Both men take their fight over on top of the hard flooring. Williams shoves Jordan toward the guardrail. Both men make their rounds around the studio. A wheeled cart crashes towards Williams. Williams sprays Jordan with a fire extinguisher before throwing him through a table! Williams sends Jordan back into the ring. Williams lands a powerful kick to the midsection for just a two count.

Williams unties one of the top turnbuckles. Williams throws Jordan towards the exposed turnbuckle. Williams drops Jordan with a facebuster. Will this be enough? No! Jordan kicks out! Jordan is on the apron and throws Williams over. Williams locks his arms around Jordan’s waist, looking for a suplex. Jordan holds on to the ropes. Williams falls off. Jordan slams Williams on top of the exposed concrete with a suplex!

Back in the ring, Jordan pulls himself up to the top. Jordan hits a senton bomb! Cover. Williams pops out! Jordan throws Williams’ face repeatedly into the setup chair. Willaims throws the same chair towards Jordan. Jordan catches it. Williams ducks under. Jordan hits the exposed turnbuckle. Williams smashes Jordan’s face into the chair. 1-2-3. Williams wins and stays in NXT UK.

Winner: Kenny Williams

Post-Match: Amir Jordan will now have to leave NXT UK. He begins to cry. Piped in claps follow.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!