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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! They begin the show by announcing that Xia Brookside is not cleared to compete after falling victim to Amale’s attack last week. So, tonight’s Gauntlet Match will be narrowed down to four competitors with possibly a surprise entrant. We’ll find out later on in this broadcast.

We kick off the action with a Heritage Cup Rules Match!

Nathan Frazer vs. Noam Dar

Round 1:

Noam Dar lands the first hit with a kick to the hamstring. Dar takes Nathan Frazer down on the mat. Frazer turns it around with an arm wrap. Dar counters with a tight wrist lock. Frazer flips out of the hold. Both men continue with back and forth wrist locks. Frazer puts pressure on Dar’s arm with a standing hold up against the ropes. Dar applies a head scissors takedown. Frazer flips out again. Both men remained lockup with an elbow and collar lockup just as the bell rings. Dar lands a cheap shot on Frazer, which is unclear whether it was before or after the bell. Neither man picks up a point.

Round 2:

Frazer reverses with a backslide after the men tangle in more holdups. Frazer rolls Dar up in a small package and scores the first fall. Frazer is in the lead with 1 point.

Frazer: 1   Dar: 0

Round 3:

Just before the bell rings, Dar calls for Sha Samuels. He arrives. Frazer lands a well-executed dropkick on Dar. Dar obtains momentum with a solid kick to the chest. Dar looks for the same move, but Frazer catches his leg. Frazer misses a dropkick. Frazer heads to the top rope. Samuels shouts at him from the outside. Frazer is distracted. Dar uses this to his advantage to meet Frazer at the top. The bell rings and concludes this round. Neither man picks up a point.

Round 4:

Dar and Frazer had two close near-falls. Frazer gets trapped in a kneebar. Frazer taps. Dar picks up his first point.

Frazer: 1   Dar: 1

Round 5:

Both men slug it out at the beginning of this round. Dar lays in more kicks to the chest of Frazer. Sha Samuels tries to interfere by holding onto Frazer’s leg. Dar uses this to his advantage again by moving out of the way of Frazer’s slingshot and hitting an unyielding dropkick. Dar covers, and he gains his second point and overall victory.

Dar: 2    Frazer: 1

Winner: Noam Dar

– The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly is ready to prove why they’re the best tag champions.

 At the Performance Center: Trent Seven is having a little chat with Jack Starz. Sam Gradwell calls Seven out again. Seven and Gradwell start to brawl before others in the gym have to break them apart.

Mark Andrews (w/SUBCULTURE – Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna) vs. Levi Muir

Both trade lockups. Mark Andrews stacks Levi Muir for the first near-fall in the match. Still down, Andrews lands a perfect standing moonsault for another near-fall. Muir turns it around with a heavy uppercut and shots in the corner. Muir hoists Andrews up in the torture rack. Andrews slides out and hits multiple forearms. Muir picks up where he last left off with an assisted rope powerslam for two. Andrews looks for a sunset flip. He rocks Muir with an enziguri instead. Muir gets caught with a Stundog Millionaire, followed by a perfect suicide dive from the outside. Back in the ring, Andrews sends Muir away with a shooting star press from off the top. Andrews picks up the pinfall victory!

Winner: Mark Andrews

– Now that Xia Brookside is out of the main event match, Amale, who attacked her, wants to take Brookside’s place. Sid Scala won’t let that happen.

– We look back at Amir Jordan’s emotional farewell after losing to Kenny Williams in a Loser Leaves NXT UK matchup.

Next week on NXT UK:

* A-Kid will put his Heritage Cup Championship on the line against Tyler Bate

* Ilja Dragunov will be a guest on Noam Dar’s “Supernova Sessions.”

And now, the main event. Who will become the next woman in line for a shot at Kay Lee Ray’s NXT UK Women’s Championship? The Gauntlet Match will begin with Isla Dawn and Emilia McKenzie.

Isla Dawn vs. Emilia McKenzie

Both women go straight with a collar and elbow tie-up. Isla Dawn shoves Emilia McKenzie towards the corner. Both women take their match down on the mat. McKenzie goes for two near-fall attempts. Dawn lands a kick to the midsection. McKenzie hits a round of forearm shots followed by a twisting suplex at two. Dawn lays the beatdown on McKenzie. McKenzie comes forward with an enziguri. McKenzie rocks Dawn with a massive spear for just a two count! McKenzie positions Dawn for a suplex. Dawn counters it with a rollup. 1-2-3. Emilia McKenzie has been eliminated. Dani Luna comes out next.

Emilia McKenzie is eliminated. Dani Luna is in. 

Isla Dawn vs. Dani Luna

Both women showcase powerful strength between the two of them until Dawn throws Luna shoulder-first towards the ring post. Dawn pins Luna, and Luna is eliminated.

Dani Luna is eliminated. Meiko Satomura is in as Xia Brookside’s replacement.

Isla Dawn vs. Meiko Satomura

Dawn knocks Meiko Satomura right off the apron. Dawn continues to rock “The Final Boss” with a backdrop driver! And another one! Dawn tries to send Satomura away with a double knee takedown. Cover. Satomura kicks out. Satomura slams into Dawn with a shin kick! Satomura goes for the cover. Dawn is eliminated. Jinny makes her way out.

Isla Dawn is eliminated. Jinny is in.

Meiko Satomura vs. Jinny (w/Joseph Conners)

Jinny dominates in the beginning by holding Meiko Satomura down with various lockups. Jinny looks for a cover. Satomura kicks out. Jinny goes for two more near-fall counts. The pinfall attempts are slowing Satomura down. Jinny drives her knee into Satomura’s chin. Satomura breaks free with a side headlock. Jinny reverses the hold with a head scissors. Satomura decks Jinny with several solid head butts. Jinny escapes a pinfall attempt.

Back on their feet, both competitors dig deep with forearm exchanges. Satomura catches Jinny with a perfect overhead kick before locking Jinny up with an STF. Jinny makes it to the ropes. Joseph Connors climbs up on the apron and tries to distract Satomura. Satomura doesn’t let Connors’ interference cause her to miss her at using her Scorpio Rising finisher. 1-2-3. Satomura and Kay Lee Ray will clash for the second time over the NXT UK Women’s Championship!

Winner & New No.1 Contender: Meiko Satomura

Post-Match: Kay Lee Ray makes her way down to the ring. Both women lock eyes. Meiko Satomura bows to Ray to show her respect. Ray fakes out Satomura by pretending to bow but instead lays out a lethal superkick to the chin. Ray stands tall over her fallen challenger.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!