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Andy Shepherd and Niguel McGuinness welcome fans to WWE NXT UK! We kick things off with a singles match between two of the biggest powerhouses in NXT UK!

Wolfgang vs. Rampage Brown

Both brawlers lock up. Rampage Brown throws the first right hand in the match. Wolfgang returns the same move. Brown hits the ropes and comes off with a massive dropkick for a near-fall count! Wolfgang shoves Brown with a heavy Irish Whip to the opposite side. Brown ducks the line in the corner and sends Wolfgang out of the ring with a big boot.

On the outside, both men throw hands. Wolfgang breaks it up by tossing Brown shoulder-first towards the ring post! Wolfgang rolls Brown back into the ring. Brown fights Wolfgang off with two strong right-hand shots. Wolfgang gets his say with another pin. Brown kicks out. Wolfgang wraps himself Brown and tries to squeeze his air supply with a body scissors. Rampage Brown breaks the hold with a big shot to the side of Wolgang’s head. Wolfgang comes soaring off the middle rope with a crossbody. Cover. Brown kicks out!

Brown drops Wolfgang with a powerful slam. Wolfgang crashes into Brown with a spear, followed by a chokeslam for just another two count! Brown fights back with a hip toss. Wolfgang eats a big boot in the center of the ring. Brown flies off the ropes with a lariat. Brown hits the doctor bomb and sends Wolfgang down and out. Rampage Brown picks up the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rampage Brown

At the Performance Center: Teoman congratulates Ashton Smith on becoming a new dad, although his child was born a year ago. He then asks Smith where Oliver Carter is. Smith doesn’t say anything. Teoman then just walks away.

– Aoife Valkyrie is gearing up for her comeback after losing to Meiko Satomura.

Backstage: After his big victory over Wolfgang from just moments ago, it seems that Rampage Brown is not done dealing with the Gallus’ boys.

Up next, Xia Brookside is seeking retribution against Amale.

Xia Brookside vs. Amale

Amale tries to escape out of the ring. Xia Brookside grabs her by the hair and drags her back into the ring. Brookside corners Amale and rocks her with body shots. Cover. Amale kicks out. Amale shoves Brookside towards the ropes.

On the outside, Amale rams Brookside towards the apron. Amale rolls Brookside back into the ring and lays down several stomps. Amale hooks the leg for a pin. Brookside kicks out. Amale charges in with a face wash in the corner for another near-fall. Amale throws Brookside to the corner and lands a big clothesline for another near-fall count.

Brookside finds some steam with several elbow shots to escape the corner. Brookside lands a dropkick in the center of the ring and sends Amale crashing into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors for a two count. Amale catches Brookside with a big suplex for another near-fall. Amale eats two big boots in the corner. With rage in her eyes, Amale picks Brookside up and slams her down with a spinebuster slam. Amale stacks her up and wins the match.

Winner: Amale

In the Breakroom: Nathan Frazer challenges Sha Samuels to a match next week.

And now, it’s time for “Supernova Sessions” with Noam Dar. His guest this week is Ilja Dragunov!

Noam Dar opens up the show by presenting Ilja Dragunov with a safe space on his show. He has a spa-like concept set up. Dar gives Dragunov a dinosaur-designed robe. Dar is trying to teach Dragunov how to channel his anger. He begins by asking the Mad Russian where his anger comes from. Dragunov says it all began when he came up short against WALTER last fall. Dragunov promises the person people have come to know him as he isn’t that guy anymore.

Dar gives Dragunov a gift. It’s a plush dog named Lenny that Dragunov can use as a therapy animal. Dragunov laughs at his gift and calls Dar a clown. This upsets Dar. Dar warns Dragunov to not mess with him. Dragunov walks away with the therapy dog in hand.

– Sam Gradwell wants a match with Trent Seven and asks Sid Scala to make it happen.

– After the break, Sid Scala announces that in two weeks, Noam Dar and Ilja Dragunov will settle their differences in a singles match!

And now, the main event. Can A-Kid retain his UK Heritage Cup Championship against his former mentor?

Heritage Cup Title: A-Kid (c) vs. Tyler Bate (w/Trent Seven)

Round 1:

Both men lockup. Tyler Bate takes A-Kid down with a wrist lock that turns into a head scissors. A-Kid throws Bate down on the mat with numerous holds. Bate focuses back on A-Kid’s wrist with another takedown. A-Kid kip-ups from the hold and turns it around. A-Kid bends Bate’s arm back while holding him in a single-arm crossface. With 30 seconds left in the round, both men continue wristlock takedowns. Neither man picks up a point in this round.

Round 2:

A-Kid gets the first say in the round with a side headlock takedown. Bate’s shoulder hits the mat. Cover. Bate pops up. Bate catches the champion with a snapmare. Both men exchange perfect rollups. A-Kid goes straight back for another side headlock. Bate reverses it into a head scissors. A-Kid escapes out the back down with a figure four. Bate throws A-Kid towards the ropes just before the bell sounds. Neither man picks up a point.

Round 3:

A-Kid tries to trap Bate in another headlock just as the bell sounds. Bate ducks the line. Bate applies a side headlock. A-Kid latches on with a sleeper hold. Bate escapes out the back door. Bate drops A-Kid for a pin. A-Kid kicks out. A-Kid clocks Bate with a big strike for a near-fall count. Bate sends A-Kid out of the ring. A-Kid drives Bate to the mat with a high German Suplex. Bate sucker punches A-Kid in the jaw before hitting a spinning heel kick. Both men land on the outside. The bell sounds. Neither man picks up a point in this round.

Round 4:

Tyler Bate slams his boot into A-Kid in the corner as the fourth round begins. A-Kid hits a fisherman suplex for a two count. Bate jumps off the middle rope with a diving European uppercut. A-Kid catches Bate and stacks him up. Bate kicks out. Bate hoists A-Kid up with an airplane spin. A-Kid applies a sleeper hold. Bate backs A-Kid towards the corner to break it up. Bate hits another diving European uppercut. Bate looks for suplex. A-Kid turns it into a guillotine! Bate drops A-Kid with a massive slam but can’t get a pin on the champion. The bell sounds. No points were awarded.

Round 5:

Bate picks up where he left off in the previous round with a pin. A-Kid kicks out. Bate hoists A-Kid with a deadlift German Bridging Suplex for another near-fall count. A-Kid avoids the Tyler Driver ’97 with a powerslam for two. Bate surprises the champion with his self-named driver for another near-fall count! A-Kid moves out of the way in time before Bate lands his corkscrew senton bomb. A-Kid traps Bate in an armbar! A-Kid turns it around with lep sweep octopus stretch! Bate tries to claw his way to the ropes. He can’t move at all. The bell sounds. No points were awarded.

Round 6 (Sudden Death):

Wild kicks begin this matchup. Bate sucker punches A-Kid in the face. Bate gets the final word in the match with an impressive folding press on A-Kid and becomes the new Heritage Cup Champion!

Winner & New Heritage Cup Champion: Tyler Bate

Tyler Bate is the first man in NXT UK history to hold both the NXT UK Championship and Heritage Cup Championship.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!