Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about the Survival Of The Fittest Tournament.

A video package is shown on Eli Isom and Dak Draper.

Dak Draper and Eli Isom make their entrances. Dalton Castle make his entrance (with The Boys). Castle stands at ringside as the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

Survival Of The Fittest – Round One Match:

Dak Draper vs. Eli Isom

Draper kicks Isom in the midsection. Isom sends Draper out of the ring. Isom hits a Senton over the top rope to the outside on Draper. Isom rolls Draper back into the ring. Isom strikes Draper several times in the corner. Draper pushes Isom. Isom connects with several forearms to Draper. Draper pushes Isom again. Draper eventually gets Isom up on his shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry position. Draper sets Isom on the top turnbuckle. Isom headbutts Draper. Isom hits a Brainbuster on Draper. Isom pins Draper for the three count.

Winner: Eli Isom

A video package is shown on the Survival Of The Fittest tournament.

Dragon Lee and Kenny King make their entrance. make their entrances. The Foundation’s ROH Tag Team Champions Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams make their entrance. The will be a Pure Rules Tag Team Match. If a wrestler breaks a pinfall on behalf of their partner, this will count as one of their three allotted rope breaks.

ROH Tag Team Championship – Pure Rules Match:

Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams (c) vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King

King and Titus lock up. Titus takes King to the mat with a waist-lock. Lee eventually connects with a knee strike to Williams. Lee runs towards Williams, Williams sends Lee to the corner. Williams connects with a forearm to Lee. Williams sets Lee on the top turnbuckle. Lee hits Williams with a forearm. Before Lee can go for a double stomp, Williams headbutts him. Williams hits a Piledriver from off the top turnbuckle on Lee. Williams goes for the pin on Lee. King breaks the fall, causing a disqualification due to the fact that his team had already used all three allotted rope breaks during the match.

Winner: Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams Via Disqualification

The Foundstion and LFI brawl as VLNCE UNLTD looks on from the stage.

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.