AEW Dark: Elevation Results: Scorpio Sky Vs. Alex Reynolds, Angelico Vs. Mike Sydal

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- Cold open with Tony Schiavone backstage with Wardlow as Schiavone say, "It's not Shark Week. It's Wardlow Week!" Schiavone says Wardlow will be competing tonight on Elevation, tomorrow on Dark and then on Friday in his MMA cage match against Jake Hager. Wardlow says, "It's Wardlow's World. Tonight, I'm gonna knock somebody out. Tomorrow night, I'm gonna choke somebody out, and Friday night, Jake Hager, I'm gonna knock you out in the first round and that's a guaran-damn-tee."

- Schiavone and Paul Wight welcome us to another episode of Elevation as we cut and pan to different shots of the wrestler crowd. Schiavone takes it to Justin Roberts to kick off Elevation.

Wardlow vs. Jason Hotch

Wardlow picks up Hotch and slams him down then stares him down. Wardlow catches a kick and hits an elevated spinebuster. Hotch charges in, but Wardlow repels him and sets him up in the corner and hits a knee strike knocking out Hotch forcing the ref to call the match.

Winner: Wardlow

- Cut to Schiavone and Wight on commentary as they preview tonight's card as Schiavone notes that QT Marshall wants his name said a certain way. Wight calls Marshall "twinkle-toes" and admits, "I give that man no thoughts in my life" as we go to our next match.

Lee Johnson and Dustin Rhodes vs. VSK and Travis Titan

Rhodes and Titan start this match off as Rhodes runs through Titan and maneuvers around him for an arm drag. Johnson tags in, and Rhodes sets him up for a dropkick. VSK tags in and runs into a few arm drags. Rhodes tags in as Johnson and Rhodes hit some misdirect offense for a two count.

VSK sends Rhodes to the corner. Rhodes takes out Titan but gets dropped by VSK. Titan tags in as he cuts the ring in half on Rhodes. Rhodes trying to fight out of the corner, but Titan cuts him off. Vintage Rhodes as he drops and hits an uppercut. Johnson and VSK tag in as he hits a few lariats then a neckbreaker. Titan tries to run in, but Rhodes catches him with a powerslam. Johnson hits a inverted neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson and Dustin Rhodes

Angelico vs. Mike Sydal

Sydal tries to apply a few holds on Angelico, but they each find a counter to escape each time. Angelico applies a head scissors as he tries to keep the pressure on Sydal transitioning into a front chancery. Sydal forces a break as they lock up again after the break and go back and forth trading counters. Sydal and Angelico pick things up as they each try for flash pins. Matt Hardy comes out onto the ramp as Angelico starts to get the upper hand on Sydal.

Angelico now wrenching Sydal's arms as he has his knee on his back and then transitions over. He tries for a cover, but Sydal kicks out at two. Angelico keeping the pressure on Sydal. Sydal hits a flurry of strikes but gets cut off with a knee lift. Sydal baits Angelico in the corner and uses his flexibility to avoid Angelico's offense. He tags him with a step-up enzuigiri as he gets himself going, but Angelico ripcords Sydal and slingshots him onto the middle rope. Angelico applies the Navarro Death Roll, and Sydal taps out.

Winner: Angelico

Post-match: Hardy tells Angelico to go after Mike Sydal as he applies the Navarro Death Roll on the outside. Matt comes to the rescue as Angelico and Hardy run away.

Shawn Spears vs. Falco

Spears and Falco shake hands before he quickly tosses Falco aside off the lock up. Spears applies a side headlock takeover. Falco rises up and pushes off, but Spears runs through him. Falco counters Spears' hip toss with a arm whip. Spears isn't happy about it and goes at Falco showing off his mean streak. Spears throws Falco outside and hits knee strikes while Falco is hanging on the barricade. He then back drops Falco on the side apron. Spears hits the C4 for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

Post-match: Spears takes his chair and threatens to attack Falco with it, but the ref stops him.

- The Wingmen are backstage. Ryan Nemeth sends a message to Orange Cassidy as he gives back-handed compliments to JD Drake. Nemeth is offering Cassidy an opportunity in the "Wingman Makeover Program." He tells Cassidy that it would be a bad idea to say no. Drake says, "Why have Best Friends when you can have Wingmen?" The Wingmen put their pinkies together.

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) (w/ HFO) vs. Dean Alexander and Carlie Bravo

Quen and Alexander start this match off as Quen plays some mind games with Alexander. Alexander tries to take a shot at Kassidy but misses, and Quen applies a side headlock. Kassidy trips up Alexander, and Quen hits a sliding dropkick. Kassidy tags in and lights up Alexander in the corner. Quen takes advantage of the distraction and gets some extra shots in.

Private Party cutting the ring in half. Kassidy hits a leg lariat off the assist from Quen. Quen covers for a two count. Quen applying a front chancery to prevent a tag out. Alexander escapes an enzuigiri and tags in Bravo. Bravo going at Private Party. Bravo hits a flatliner then a Michinoku Driver. Kassidy trips up Bravo on the top rope. Alexander taken out as Private Party hit Gin and Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen)

- Justin Roberts doesn't bother with a ring announcement at first but does so after a pause. Vickie Guerrero interrupts him with her "excuse me!" Guerrero says Roberts is so boring and that his mom could ring announce better. Guerrero announces Rose to the ring.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Megan Bayne

Rose over powers Bayne on the lock up. She hits a hip attack in the corner then a back elbow. Rose hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Post-match: Guerrero drabs Rose's "I survived Nyla" shirt on Bayne.

Orange Cassidy ( w/ Best Friends & Kris Statlander) vs. Cameron Cole

Cole mocks Cassidy as Cassidy feints putting his hands in his pockets and ducks a lariat. Cassidy puts his elbow pad on and invites a lock up. Cassidy tries to duck a punch, but Cole stomps on Cassidy's foot and hits a DDT for a one count. Cole stomping on Cassidy's foot more. Cole goes up top and misses a crossbody as Cassidy walks around and tries to collect himself. Cassidy running the ropes as he avoids Cole. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy.

Post-match: Cassidy, Statlander and the Best Friends give the people what they want!

Penta El Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston (w/ Alex Abrahantes) vs. Arik Cannon and Kevin Blackwood

Kingston and Cannon start this tag match off. Cannon saw the drop down coming and applies a side headlock on Kingston. Kingston goes to the corner to break the hold, but Cannon tags Kingston. Cannon hits an elevated twisting neckbreaker. Blackwood tags, and he and Cannon hit an elbow and an uppercut.

Blackwood hits a series of strikes on Kingston for a one count. Blackwood tries to prevent Kingston from tagging out. Kingston hits an enzuigiri and tags in Penta. Penta catches a kick and hits a superkick. Penta sets up Blackwood and does his cero miedo before chopping Blackwood. Penta tags out Cannon with a Gamengiri. He counters Blackwood and drops him down on his knee. Penta hits the Fear Factor and tosses him to Kingston for the Saito Suplex for the.

Winners: Penta El Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston

Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blondes) vs. Dani Jordyn

Hart and Jordyn exchange holds to start off as they feel each other out. Jordyn hits a shoulder tackle, but Hart responds with a hip toss then a dropkick for a two count. Jordyn charges Hart into the corner. Hart misses a lariat as Jordyn hits a few uppercuts then a shotgun dropkick for two.

Hart catches Jordyn with an elbow but gets thrown out. Jordyn hits a diving dropkick on the outside. Jordyn throws Hart into the apron then back into the ring for a cover, but Hart kicks out at two. Hart catches Jorydn with a few lariats then a few kicks while maintaining wrist control. Hart sets up Jordyn for a front roll kick, back elbow then a running bulldog split then a standing moonsault for two. Hart sizing up Jordyn, but Jordyn pushes off. Hart catches Jordyn with a Standing Sliced Bread for the win.

Winner: Julia Hart

Aaron Solow and QT Marshall vs. Deonn Rusman and Joe Keys

Marshall and Rusman start off this tag match as Marshall gets the upper hand early on. Marshall cuts off Rusman with a kick then a punch. He avoids a corner dive and hits a lariat. Solow tags in and hits a chop in the corner. Rusman tries to block a hammer throw, but Solow gets it off and hits a lariat. Rusman catches Solow with a powerslam and tags in Keys.

Keys hits an assisted back elbow. Solow working around Keys, but Keys catches Solow with a tilting backbreaker. Marshall distracts Keys up top, and Solow takes advantage. Marshall tags in and hits a suplex then a knee drop for a two count. Solow tags as he and Keys go back and forth. Keys escapes and tags in Rusman. Rusman getting the upper hand with a huge lariat. Solow counters Rusman's charge with a corkscrew kick. Marshall takes out Keys with a Diamond Cutter. Solow hits a Pedigree for the win.

Winners: Aaron Solow and QT Marshall

- Ethan Page joins commentary.

Scorpio Sky (w/ Ethan Page) vs. Alex Reynolds

Reynolds applies a front headlock and transitions into a waistlock. Sky escapes and takes down Reynolds. Sky puts his hands behind his back and invites Reynolds to take a shot. Reynolds does so and takes down Sky with a shoulderblock. Reynolds hangs onto the ropes and catches Sky with a suplex. Reynolds sends Sky to the corner and hits an uppercut. Sky reverses an Irish Whip, but Reynolds elevates over. Reynolds and Sky trade pins, and then Sky hits a big knee strike off the kick out.

Reynolds drop toe holds Sky on the middle rope and hits a running knee on the outside. Reynolds hits a top rope crossbody for two. Sky elevates Reynolds over the corner and sends him crashing outside. Sky runs Reynolds through the side apron as he continues the pressure in the ring. Reynolds fighting back in the corner, but Sky cuts him off and split stomps on his head. Sky now wrenching Reynolds' neck.

Reynolds hits a few body punches then a few forearms. Reynolds sends Sky outside. Sky runs back in but runs into a lariat. Reynolds avoids an elbow in the corner and hits a few back elbows of his own followed up by a dropkick. Reynolds hits another elbow strike then a cravat neckbreaker for two.

Reynolds going at Sky in the corner. Reynolds hits a running knee strike. Sky escapes a fireman's carry and chop blocks Reynolds. Reynolds avoids a heel hook. Reynolds stomps Sky in the corner as he favors his knee. Reynolds goes up top and tries for a moonsault, but Sky misses, and Reynolds lands on his feet. Sky ducks a discus forearm and applies a heel hook. Reynolds can't reach the ropes and taps out.

Winner: Scorpio Sky