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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another edition of Dark. Taz assures that while Team Taz is not in action, this will be a great show. Excalibur also teases “the show within a show AEW Starks.”

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins commentary, also no fans in attendance, only the wrestler crowd.

Lance Archer vs. Zicky Dice

As Justin Roberts is make his ring intro, Archer throws Dice out on the ramp, and he goes on the offensive on him. Dice tries to fight back, but Archer isn’t having it and continues his beat down. Archer hits a chokeslam, but he’s not done as he sets up Dice in the corner for a Blackout, and he hits it for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

– Matt Hardy is at the bar with TH2. Hardy says he’s happy that TH2 are still in the freelance business. He says he needs someone to handle Christian for him before their match in two weeks. $4200 is Hardy’s asking price but if they can “delete” Christian Cage, he’ll double his payout. Hardy talks about how Cage has been at his side throughout his career, and he offers a spot in HFO to TH2 if they get the job down, “for a small fee, of course.” Jack Evans is pumped up, but Hardy wants Angelico to face Cage, and Angelico takes on the challenge.

– Ricky Starks now on commentary.

Abadon vs. Willow Nightingale

Nightingale is scared but tries to offer a handshake. Abadon isn’t having it and presses Nightingale and hits a flurry of punches. Nightingale hits a facebuster, but Abadon is not affected. Nightingale hits a few forearm shots, but Abadon screams and hits an uppercut. She then hits a few corner spears as Starks has no idea what to make of Abadon. Nightingale baits Abadon in the corner, and Nightingale hits a cannonball senton in the corner.

Abadon rises up as Nightingale tries to charge in the corner. Nightingale gets a single-leg takedown and applies a STF, but Abadon bits her wrist just as Taz predicted! Abadon hits the tijeras then a double knee strike in the corner. Abadon hits the snapmare into a low crossbody dive. Abadon wraps her leg around Nightingale’s head and drives it into a DDT for the win as Starks, again, is shocked at seeing Abadon.

Winner: Abadon

Cezar Bononi (w/ The Wingmen) vs. Cyrus

Bononi and Cyrus stare each other down then go face to face as they are at a standstill on the lockup. Bononi tries for a shoulder tackle, but Cyrus is unfazed. Cyrus tries on of his own, but Bononi absorbs it and invites Cyrus to try again. Bononi cuts off Cyrus, but Cyrus then cuts off Bononi sending him outside. Ryan Nemeth tries for a misdirection attack on Cyrus, but Nemeth bounces off Cyrus as JD Drake and Peter Avalon leave Cyrus alone.

Cyrus matching Bononi counter for counter, but Bononi gets a boot up in the corner. Cyrus eats a lariat as both men trade lariats. Bononi escapes a powerslam attempt. Cyrus bounces off a bodyslam but gets caught hanging on the ropes. Bononi hits knee then a diving crossbody! Bononi hits some big strikes on Cyrus’ head. Cyrus trying to fight through them as he hits a double-arm chokeslam. Cyrus follows up with a corner splash as he stares down The Wingmen.

Cyrus going up top and tries for a moonsault, but Bononi rolls out of the way. Bononi picks up Cyrus and plants him with an Argentine Slam for the win.

Winner: Cezar Bononi

– Now just Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Angelico vs. Matthew Justice

Justice hits a quick spear for a two count! Spear then hits a second-rope shoulder block sending Angelico outside. Justice tries for a top-rope dive to the outside, but Angelico dodges. Angelico now targeting Justice’s now damaged jaw. Angelico now applying the Navarro Se Cientos, but Justice escapes.

Angelico now stomping on Justice in the corner. Justice his a chop to build some distance, but Angelico just beats him down in the corner. Angelico now crossing the ankles of Justice, but Justice reaches the ropes. Angelico with a hammer throw, but he takes too much time allowing Justice to counter him. Justice goes up top and misses a splash. Angelico hits a kick to the back of Justice’s head and applies the Navarro Death Roll, and Justice taps out.

Winner: Angelico

– Dante Martin is outside and says it’s an honor to wrestle Matt Sydal, but he says he’s not taking him on as a fan but as a competitor. He says Sydal may be good, but he’s not “top flight.”

– Ricky Starks back on commentary.

Tay Conti (w/ -1) vs. Natalia Markova

Conti and Markova at a standstill on the lock up as Markova mocks Conti. Markova pushes off a side headlock as Conti calls for a test of strength. Markova kicks Conti in the mid-section, but Conti responds with a forearm and a whip into the corner followed up by a back elbow. Conti avoids the run around with a floating suplex for a two count.

Markova rolls outside. Markova catches Conti by surprise and lays some shots on her back. Back in the ring, cover but only a one count. Markova laying in more shots on the back, but Conti hits a knee lift. Markova cartwheels off the hammer throw and hits a hook kick then a facebuster for a two count.

Markova and Conti trading strikes, but Conti gest the better of the exchange and starts laying in clotheslines. Conti with a few judo throws. Conti hits a big boot in the corner and follows up with another. Conti kicks Markova’s hand to release her grip on the ropes. Conti hits the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

– Back to just only Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico) vs. JP and Tommy Daily

Serpentico sneak attacks JP and Daily during their ring entrance. Luther going to work on Daily as Serpentico deals with JP. Daily counters Luther in the corner with an arm drag then a dropkick. Daily hits a few chops, but Luther absorbs it and hits an enzuigiri. Serpentico tags in and hits a foot stomp after a bodyslam, but he gets bulldogged by Luther on Daily for a two count. Luther tags back in and keeps the pressure on Daily.

He hits a snap suplex for two. Serpentico tags in. Luther whips Daily and Serpentico then slams Serpentico onto Daily. Luther hits a knee strike on Daily while Serpentico tried to duck for cover only getting a two count on the cover. Serpentico cutting the ring in half trying to prevent a tag out. Daily catches Serpentico in a sunset flip pin for two, and Serpentico hits a lariat after the kick out. Luther tags in and rakes Daily on the middle rope.

Luther hits a bodyslam and tags in Serpentico and bodyslams him on Daily. Luther then throws Serpentico at JP before hitting an assisted leg drop. Serpentico covers for a two count. Luther calls for Serpentico to powerbomb Daily, but Daily reverses it. JP tags in and hits a series of strikes on Serpentico and hits a dropkick on Luther. JP hits a handspring back elbow for two. Daily tags in, but Serpentico cuts off their double team move. Luther tags in and hits a pump kick. Chaos Project hit Creeping Death for the win.

Winners: Chaos Project (Luther & Serpentico)

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Joey Janela asking him where he’s at with his injury. Janela notes every time he talks to Marvez it’s always about injuries. He says “it’s Bad Boy summer time.” He talks about his time in Miami with Marvez with the “big mommy milkers.” Marvez responds with, “They were jugs.” Janela suggest they go to a go-go bar, until Sonny Kiss comes in, and he and Janela hug. Janela notes Kiss is his BFF and Marvez is only his BF, so he’ll be out there for Kiss during his match. Janela walks off with Marvez.

Marko Stunt vs. Ariel Dominguez

Marko notes that he’s slightly taller than Dominguez and even tells referee Bryce Remsburg to bend down to show that he’s the tallest in the ring. Marko absorbs a few shoulder blocks and sends Dominguez outside. Dominguez sends Marko crashing on the barricade, but Marko responds with a few chops.

Marko gets a roll up for two. Dominguez catches Marko with a drop toe hold and hits a few strikes followed up by a dropkick. Dominguez going for a vertical suplex, but Marko escapes and hits one of his own. Marko firing himself up as Marko and Dominguez trade counters in the corner. Marko hits a guillotine elbow, a lariat then a Sliced Bread DDT for the win.

Winner: Marko Stunt

Aaron Solow (w/ The Factory) vs. Sonny Kiss

Solow catches Kiss with a kick to the mid-section. Kiss running the ropes and this a tijeras then a step-up rana. Kiss hits the Rapid Dismissal, an uppercut then a leg lariat followed up by a springboard crossbody for one. Solow reveres an Irish Whip into a drop toe hold on the middle ropes. Solow beating down Kiss keeping the pressure on him. Solow hits a lariat off the hammer throw for a two count. Kiss tries for a few body punches, but Solow cuts him off and hits a suplex for two.

Solow trying to finish things off, but Kiss gets off a back body drop followed up by a flurry of offense. Kiss hits a standing moonsault for two. Kiss stares down QT Marshall, and Solow sweeps Kiss’ legs on the ropes. Solow hits a big strike followed up by a double underhook facebuster for the win.

Winner: Aaron Solow

– Post-match: The Factory continue the beat down on Kiss. Marshall mockingly calls for Janela to come out, but Janela is not running out to save Kiss.

– Justin Roberts knows the drill and allows Vickie Guerrero to yell, “Excuse me!” She tells Roberts to leave the ring and says, “I wish I had a stick so you can go fetch it.” Guerrero introduces Nyla Rose to the ring.

Nyla Rose vs. Missa Kate

Rose shakes off Kate off the lock up. Kate tries for a waistlock, but Rose shakes her off again and hits a chop in the corner. Rose hits another chop then hammer throws Kate. Kate avoids Rose and lays in some shots but runs into a big boot. Kate hangs onto the ropes and kicks Rose, but Rose chokeslams her in response. Guerrero tells Rose to “finisher her” as Rose hits a fallaway slam after a knee strikes on Kate’s back while carrying her. Rose stomps on Kate and hits the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

– Post-match: Guerrero lays Rose’s new shirt on Kate that says, “I survived Nyla Rose.”

– Ricky Starks back on commetary.

QT Marshall (w/ The Factory) vs. Bear Bronson

Bronson throws Marshal in the corner off the lock up. Bronson again throws Marshall in the corner on the next lock up. Bronson celebrating as Marshall slaps Bronson in the face as Bronson punches him in response. Marshall floats over Marshall and hits a dropkick, and Bronson hits one of his own. Bronson with a strong hammer throw into a backdrop. Bronson sends Marshall outside setting up for a tope suicida!

Bronson beating down on Marshall as he tells Nick Comoroto to stay back. Marshall counters Bronson and sends Bronson into the corner post two times. Marshall hitting some clubbing blows on Bronson. Marshall follows up with a back elbow, but Bronson counters a back bodydrop attempt with a kick. Marshall then powerslams Bronson impressing Starks. Marshall hits a diving headbutt for two.

Marshall mocking Bronson with some short stomps and pie faces. Bronson getting angry as he absorbs a series of right hands and hits a few shots of his own followed up by a few lariats then a spinebuster. Marshall gets a boot up, but Bronson catches Marshall with a Deep Six for two.

Bronson hits lariats front and back on Marshall. Marshall catches Bronson in a backbreaker / flatliner combo. Bronson counters the Diamond Cutter. Bronson sits on Marshall off the sunset flip. Bronson hits a corner splash, a back drop suplex, senton, cover 1-2-no! Bronson looking to end it, but Marshall counters with a enzuigiri, thrust kick Diamon Cutter combo for the win impressing Starks once again.

Winner: QT Marshall

Thunder Rosa vs. Megan Bayne

– Now only just Excalibur and Taz on commentary.

Rosa catches Bayne in a heel hook, but Bayne reaches the ropes. Rosa applying different submissions as she tries to chop down Bayne. Rosa escapes a body slam and hits a chop block then a series of kicks followed up by a dropkick for two. Rosa working on Bayne’s left leg. Bayen counters and hits a few knee lifts on the ropes. Rosa counters and tries for another heel hook, but Bayne reaches the ropes.

Rosa continuing her work on the left leg. Bayne counters Rosa in the corner and hits a few corner spears but misses a corner splash. Rosa hits a corner lariat then a double knee strike setting up for a corner dropkick for two. Rosa hits a flurry of chops and forearms. Rosa catches Bayne in an ankle lock, and Bayne taps out.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Dark Order (Colt Cabana, 10, Stu Grayson) (w/ -1) vs. Dan Barry, Justin Law and Kit Sackett

10 and Sackett start things off as 10 quickly pushes Sackett into his corner allowing Grayson to tag in and biel Sackett across. Law tags in and gets run over by Grayson. Law hits a dropkick, but Grayson flips over a suplex and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Barry and Cabana tag in. Barry does the splits to avoid a punch. Cabana and Barry matching each other counter for counter until Colt hits the tijeras.

10 tags in and hits a running boot. Cabana tags back in and hits a series of overhead elbow strikes while maintaining wrist control. Cabana is caught with a roll up but hits an elbow off the kick out. Grayson tags in and sends Barry on the side apron. He goes over the top with a senton. Barry avoids the Urange and hits a few big strikes then a reverse exploder. Law and 10 tag in as 10 runs over Law. Cabana drops Sackett. Grayson hits Nightfall for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Colt Cabana, 10, Stu Grayson)

Big Swole and KiLynn King (w/ Red Velvet) vs. Sea Stars (Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox)

King and Vox start off this tag match. King gets off an arm drag and knocks Vox down with a lariat. Swole beating down on Vox. Swole reverses an Irish Whip and runs through Vox. Swole and Vox matching each other counter for counter. Swole hits an uppercut for two. Vox avoids a punt and gauges Swole’s eyes. Exo tags in and cuts the ring in half on Swole.

Vox tags in and hits a dropkick while Exo keeps Swole in the corner, cover, but Swole kicks out at two. Swole hits a few body shots then a double headbutt resulting in both of them falling down. King and Vox tag in as King hits a few lariats. King hits a buzzsaw kick then a nortern lights suplex, cover, but Vox accidently sentons on Exo. Vox taken out by Swole as King hits Kingdom Fall for the win.

Winner: Big Swole and KiLynn King

– Tony Schiavone is backstage with The Factory. Schiavone asks Marshall about The Factory’s recent run of success. Marshall tells Schiavone how to pronounce his name and wants Schiavone to say, “QT Marshall pinned The Prince of Wrestling Cody Rhodes in the middle of the ring.” Schiavone says it lethargically at first, but Marshall makes Schiavone say it the way he used to, and he does so.

Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal (w/ Mike Sydal)

Sydal with an arm lock as he stretches out Martin. Martin and Sydal trading holds as Sydal applies another arm lock. Sydal getting the better of Martin early on, but Martin flips over a wristlock and applies a hammerlock. Sydal counters with another arm lock as he works on the left arm of Martin. Sydal and Martin going counter for counter. Martin hits a tijeras on the outside. Martin with a few arm drags as he tries to get himself going.

Martin goes over the top of Sydal for a sunset flip for two. Sydal then goes at Martin’s left leg and applies an inverted Indian Deathlock. Martin releases the hold and hits a few body shots but eats a big kick off the body drop attempt. Sydal now applies a bow and arrow and then stomps on Martin, cover, but Martin kicks out at two. Sydal hits a back elbow off the hammer throw. He hits a lariat off another hammer throw.

Sydal charges in with a knee strike for two. Sydal hits a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a leg capture stretch muffler. He then transitions into a Cobra Clutch. Martin reaches the ropes to break the hold. Martin hitting a few body shots and kicks. Sydal escapes a fireman’s carry and hits a slice followed up by a standing Mariposa, but Martin kicks out and tries to counter into a crucifix cover, but Sydal avoids it.

Martin hits a few body shots and round kicks. Martin hits a snap inside-out suplex. Martin gets a boot up in the corner then jumps over Sydal to hit a Stunner! Martin covers but only gets two. Sydal sends Martin over, but Martin hits a Gamengiri then a double springboard moonsault, cover 1-2-no! Sydal avoids a fireman’s carry as he hits a driver on Martin, cover 1-2-no! Sydal and Martin both dodge knee strikes and clash on crossbodies.

Sydal and Martin then go face to face. They then trade leg kicks. Martin getting the better of the exchange, but Sydal hits a series of chops. Marting catches a kick and hits more leg kicks. He hits the lung blower, cover but another two count! Martin going up top looking for a 450, but he leaps through and tries for a springboard. Sydal counters with a leg lariat. Martin cuts off Sydal on the top rope. Sydal avoiding a superplex and knocks Martin down with a backfist. He hits a top rope Meteora, cover 1-2-no!

Sydal now favoring the knee. Sydal with a high stack pin for two. Sydal hits a spin kick. Martin catches Sydal in a mouse trap off the Lightning Spiral. Sydal hits a big roundhouse kick then the Lightning Spiral for the win.

Winner: Matt Sydal

– Post-match: A show of respect between Martin and Sydal caps off another episode of Dark.