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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us from the Double or Nothing Fan Fest as they take it to Justin Roberts for our first match of the night.

The Wingmen (Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth) (w/ Peter Avalon) vs. Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

Colten and Nemeth start this tag match off with some back and forth. Nemeth with a quick takedown as he basks in it and tells Colten to take some notes. Nemeth with another takedown as he mocks Colten again. Nemeth hits a shoulder tackle off the push. He follows with an arm drag, hip toss then a bodyslam for a one count. Billy takes in, and Gunn Club hit a double back elbow for a quick two count. Bononi tags in as the crowd gets hyped seeing the two big guys.

They lock up but neither can get an advantage. Bononi tells Billy to bring it on, and Bononi takes Bily down to one knee. Billy ducks a lariat and hits one of his own for a one count. Colten tags in and finishes off Colten with a dropkick after his dad does some work. Avalon grabs Colten’s legs allowing Bononi to hit a big boot. Avalon hides behind a cheerleader from Billy as Nemeth tags in and applies a hammerlock.

Colten sent into the corner as Nemeth shakes his hips before hitting a corner spear. Bononi tags in and continues to apply the pressure on Colten. Bononi catches a crossbody and sends Colten across the ring with a hoss toss. Bononi hits a back suplex for a one count. Bononi preventing a tag out. Colten with a back elbow on Nemeth as he avoids Bononi to tag in Billy who goes to work on The Wingmen. Billy drops Nemeth and as Bononi set up for The Famasser, cover, but Nemeth breaks it up! Colten and Nemeth tag in. Nemeth with a cross chop to the neck. Colten slides out and comes back in. Colten hits the Colt 45 for the win.

Winner: Gunn Club (Billy & Colten Gunn)

– Hype package for tonight’s main event plays showing highlights from Jungle Boy and Bear Bronson.

– Jungle Boy is backstage noting he has a lot going on with a future title shot, a tag match and his match tonight. He says tonight is the first step in proving why he will be the next AEW Champion.

Kris Statlander (w/ Best Friends) vs Robin Renegade

Statlander going for a boop, but Renegade rejects it. Statlander and Renegade lock up trading side headlocks. Statlander cartwheeling all over the place as she escapes a wrist lock, and she boops Renegade. Statlander rolls up Renegade for a two count. Statlander follows up rolling Renegade into a kick to the head. Statlander lighting up Renegade on the outside with big strikes. Renegade responds with a chop, but Statlander gets a backbreaker.

Statlander with an Orange Cassidy esque splash as she sends Renegade back into the ring for a two count. Renegade stepping ahead of Statlander on the ropes and hits a neckbreaker and lays in punches. Renegade wrenching Statlander on the ropes. Statlander and Renegade fighting for position on a suplex, and Renegade gets the better of it. Statlander firing up and has Renegade rattled. Statlander trips up Renegade and hits a dead-lift German Suplex.

She follows with a back elbow in the corner then a running knee then a powerslam, cover, but Renegade kicks out at two. Renegade catches Statlander with a jawbreaker, shotgun dropkick to the corner then a double knee strike for a two count. Statlander escapes a fireman’s carry and transitions into the Big Bang Theory for the win.

Winner: Kris Statlander

– Statlander bleeding out of her mouth as the Best Friends give the people what they want!

TH2 (Jack Evans & Angelico) & Serpentico (w/ Luther) vs. Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels, Stu Grayson and Alex Reynolds)

Serpentico and 5 start things out matching each other move for move. 5 with an arm lock as Serpentico rises up but runs into a belly-to-belly. Dark Order now putting the pressure on Serpentico hitting him with multiple strikes. Reynolds covers but only gets two. Serpentico prevents 5 from tagging out. 5 fighting off TH2, but Serpentico distracts the ref allowing Luther to trip up 5 and send him into the post. The rest of Dark Order chase off Luther.

Angelico tags in and gets some action in. TH2 cutting the ring in half as a “5” chant breaks out. Serpentico so used to Luther throwing him around, but he’s not there, so he has to launch himself into 5. Evans hits a Russian Leg Sweep for two as he drops Grayson and Reynolds off their corner. 5 building a comeback. 5 hits a lariat.

Serpentico tags in and prevents the tag out but runs into a Spanish Fly! Reynolds and Angelico tag in. Evans gets dropped as Reynolds takes it to Angelico. Evans tags in but meets a toe kick as he springboards in. Grayson blind tags in and hits an Urange as Evans misses the corkscrew kick. Reynolds and Grayson set 5 up for a splash, cover, but Serpentico breaks it up. Angelico cuts off Reynolds.

Angelico drops Grayson. 5 drops Angelico. Serpentico with a huge thrust kick on 5 as he tries to springboard in. Serpentico hits a DDT, and Evans hits the 450 From the Heavens, cover 1-2-no! TH2 and Serpentico going for triple tag team attack, but Grayson and 5 cut them off. Evans eats multiple attacks. Reynolds and 5 plancha onto Angelico and Serpentico as Grayson hits the Nightfall for the win.

Winners: Dark Order (Alan “5” Angels, Stu Grayson and Alex Reynolds)

Diamante vs. Red Velvet

Diamante controlling the arm of Red Velvet straight away. Red Velvet turns things around and hits a kick to the mid-section as she uses her quickness to get around Diamante to hit a leg lariat. Red Velvet hits a few stomps in the corner and stirs it up in the corner. Diamante not taking kindly to it and pushes Red Velvet off and slams her into the corner and hits a few stomps of her own. Diamante hits a series of elbows and chops, but Red Velvet responds with strikes of her own.

Diamante drops Red Velvet in the corner setting her up for the dropkick in the corner, cover, but Red Velvet kicks out at two. Diamante back to the corner hits a quick splash then a suplex going for Three Amigas and gets it, floats over for a cover but only two. Diamante transitions into an arm bar. Diamante with a knee lift into a Russian Leg Sweep. Diamante then charges in for a splash, cover, 1-2-no! Red Velvet reverses an Irish Whip, but Diamante turns it around for a backstabber, cover, but Diamante has to adjust her cover near the ropes allowing Red Velvet to kick out at two.

Diamante sets up Red Velvet in the corner and hits an elbow at the back. Red Velvet stuck in the Tree of Woe, but Red Velvet dodges a dropkick. Red Velvet hits a second-rope crossbody as we have a double down. Red Velvet fires in lariats and sets up Diamante on the ropes for a double knee strike then a standing moonsault for a two count. Red Velvet hits a Stunner on Diamante, but Red Velvet only gets a two count.

Diamante with a kick to the mid-section in the corner and hits a standing Sliced Bread for two. Red Velvet going for a casadora, but Diamante counters into a German Suplex, cover 1-2-no! Diamante slaps Red Velvet multiple times. Red Velvet flips out of a German Suplex, hits a kick to set up the Chef’s Kiss for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

– Dark Order are in their lounge as 5 is excited to wrestle in front of a crowd for the first time. Reynolds agrees but notes the crowd loved to hate them before. He says those same people raised their hand and will do so once AEW goes back on the road.

Bear Bronson vs. Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express

The crowd chanting “Jungle Boy” after they and Taz sang along to his theme. Jungle Boy does a few push ups before getting ready to lock up with Bronson. Bronson pushes Jungle Boy down and invites him to bring it. Bronson trash talks Jurassic Express as he takes down Jungle Boy with a shoulder block. Bronson backing Jungle Boy into the corner and lands a few strikes. Bronson sending Jungle Boy to other corner, but Jungle Boy using his quickness to get around Bronson.

Bronson stops the casadora arm drag and hits a lariat in the corner. Jungle Boy avoids the splash in the corner and hits a few over-hand chops and uses the momentum off the ropes to arm drag Bronson and drops him as the crowd are hyped. Jungle Boy hits a few round kicks. Bronson cuts off Jungle Boy with a back elbow, cover but only two as the crowd starts signing in support for Jungle Boy. Bronson hits a few crossface chops while Jungle Boy is hanging on the ropes.

Bronson hits a few clubbing blows in the corner. He follows up with a short-arm lariat, cover, but Jungle Boy kicks out at two. Bronson applying a chinlock as the crowd chants for Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy getting up to his feet and tries for a sunset flip, but Bronson stays up. He misses a leg drop allowing Jungle Boy to hit a low cross body. Bronson kicks out and hits a lariat then a senton, cover 1-2-no! Jungle Boy retreating into the corner as Bronson stalks him.

Jungle Boy gets an elbow up and lays in some heavy shots. Jungle Boy hits a low dropkick then launches himself for a lariat. Jungle Boy hits some round kicks to the chest. Bronson sends Jungle Boy over the top. Jungle Boy tries to vault in, but Bronson counters and hits an exploder, cover, 1-2-no! Bronson stalking Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy escapes a powerslam into the apron and hits an enzuigiri and vaults in for a DDT for a two count. Jungle Boy follows with a diving elbow to the back for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy