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– Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another packed episode of Dark. Taz hypes up Team Taz’s involvement in tonight’s episode, and Excalibur takes it to Justin Roberts for our first match of the night featuring wrestler crowds.

– Ricky Starks joins commentary.

Wardlow vs. Baron Black

Wardlow pushes Black down off the lock up. Wardlow then drives Black to the corner on the next lock and offers a clean break. Wardlow gets off a quick takedown and pie faces Black. Black isn’t having it and takes the fight to Wardlow, but Wardlow picks him up and slams him down.

Wardlow lights up Black in the corner. Wardlow with a hammer throw across the ring, but Black responds with a series of chops then an arm DDT. Black going for a Cobra Clutch, but Wardlow reverses it and hits a big lariat. Wardlow sets Black up in the corner and hits a huge knee strike knocking Black out.

Winner: Wardlow

– Starks assures Excalibur that Team Taz is all about “teamwork”.

Lee Johnson (w/ Dustin Rhodes) vs. Vary Morales

Morales and Johnson lock up as they feel each other out. Johnson and Morales trade flash pins and roll ups but each get a two count. The two slow things down as Morales tries for a shoulder tackle, but Johnson isn’t fazed. Johnson flips through a tijeras.

Morales offers his hand for a handshake. Johnson obliges but eats a thrust kick. Johnson lights up Morales with chops. He gets a sunset flip pin, but Morales kicks out and hits a shotgun dropkick for two. Morales going for Three Amigos. He finishes it with a Falcon Arrow, cover and Johnson kicks out of the Falcon Arrow!

Morales keeping the pressure on Johnson. Johnson trying to regain the momentum. He does so by reversing a suplex into an inside cradle for two. Johnson leaps out of the corner and hits a series of lariats. He follows up with a back elbow then a hanging neckbreaker.

Morales elevates Johnson over the corner on the outside. Morales lands the crossbody on the outside! Morales sends Johnson back in and goes up top. He misses a Swanton but mails the tijeras. Johnson counters the second and hits the Ushigoroshi for the win.

Winner: Lee Johnson

Abadon vs. Hyan

Abadon mirrors Hyan’s movements. The two lock up, and Abadon slams Hyan down and lays in a flurry of strikes. Hyan reverses Abadon in the corner and lays in some shots in the back, but Abadon isn’t fazed and lands a back fist. Abadon lays in more shots and hits a backbreaker in the corner.

Abadon crawls over to Hyan. Hyan lands a big elbow and tries for a crossbody, but Abadon kicks Hyan to counter. Abadon applies a leg hook on Hyan’s head and drives her down for the win.

Winner: Abadon

– Starks leaves commentary to go to “Club Taz”.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Marko Stunt

Hobbs pressure Stunt, but Stunt uses his quickness. Stunt lands a slap, but Hobbs is pissed and chases Stunt all around the ring. Stunt hits a dropkick on the ropes. He hits a low dropkick and goes for a Sliced Bread. Hobbs reverses it into Town Business for the win.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts joins commentary.

Lance Archer vs. Kenny Bengal

Bengal decides to leave. Archer chases him up the ramp and takes him back into the ring the hard way. The bell rings, and Bengal takes it Archer. Archer walks through a dropkick and hits a huge lariat. Archer follows up with a suplex. He hits an open-hand chop in two different corners. Archer sets up Bengal up top for the Black Out.

Bengal reverses it and hits a step-up enzuigiri. Bengal tries for a sunset flip pin, but Archer counters it and hits a massive chokeslam. Archer says, “Everybody dies” as he hits the Hellacoaster for the win.

Winner: Lance Archer

Tay Conti vs. Charlette Renegade

Conti with an immediate palm strike then hangs onto Renegade’s leg and slams her down. Conti evades Renegade and dances. Conti with a front sweep into a bulldog choke. Renegade escapes and throws Conti in the corner and follows up with a lariat and a series of elbow strikes.

Conti escapes the corner and hits a big forearm. She follows up with a flurry of more. She misses a pump kick but lands a series of lariats. She ripcords into a flurry of judo throws. Hammer throw into the corner leads into a pump kick followed up by a face wash. Conti hits the DD-Tay for the win.

Winner: Tay Conti

QT Marshall and Aaron Solow (w/ Nick Comoroto) vs. Chad Lennex and Zachariah

Solow and Zachariah start this match off exchanging holds, feeling each other out. Zachariah catches Solow with a dropkick and tags in Lennex. Solow cuts off Lennex with a knee lift and tags in QT. QT lays in a big right hand. Lennex goes over the top on QT and lays in a flurry of strikes. Solow runs in, but Lennex deals with him with a shotgun dropkick.

QT comes in and hits a backbreaker / flatliner combo. QT takes out Zachariah and tags in Solow. Solow hits a suplex after another big right hand from QT. Solow talking trash to Zachariah while choking out Lennex. Solow sends Lennex into the corner and keeps the pressure on him. QT tags in and cuts the ring in half on Lennex. QT comes in and lands a big back elbow off the hammer throw.

Solow tags in and hits a leaping knee drop. Solow distracted by the crowd allowing Lennex to hit a knee smash on him. Lennex escapes QT and tags in Zachariah. Zachariah takes out Solow and hits a backbreaker on QT. Solow runs in, but Zachariah hits a huricanranna. QT comes in and hits a Liger Bomb. Lennex runs in and gets hit with a back suplex / neckbreaker combo from Solow and QT. QT hits the Diamond Cutter on Zachariah, and Solow hits a top tope stomp for the win.

Winners: QT Marshall and Aaron Solow

Frankie Kazarian vs. JD Drake (w/ The Wingmen)

Kazarian and Drake lock up, and Kazarian executes a takedown. Drake escapes a top wristlock, but Kazarian maintains control. Drake rolling throw to take a wristlock. Kazarian escapes and applies a front headlock. Drake escapes and tags Kazarian with a big chop. Drake lights up Kazarian again as Kazarian tries to hit his own chops. Kazarian ducks a chop and hits a flurry of strikes.

He bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick. Kazarian tries to bounce off the ropes, but Peter Avalon grabs his feet. Cezar Bononi threatens to enter the ring causing The Wingmen to be ejected from ringside! Drake takes advantage of the distraction and keeps the pressure on Drake. Kazarian fighting back in the corner, but Drake cuts him off with an atomic drop, bodyslam then a headbutt for two.

Kazarian fighting back with a flurry of strikes. Drake reverses a hammer throw sending Kazarian to the corner. Drake hits a chop in the corner and executes a hammer throw across the ring. Kazarian counters Drake into a roll up for two. Kazarian with a flurry of strikes into a flying forearm, lariat then a bodyslam then a sprinboard leg drop. Drake rolls to the outside apron.

Kazarian tries to bring him back in. They each duck lariats, and Kazarian trips up Drake. Kazarian hits a big chop. He bounces off the middle rope, but Drake catches him. Drake escapes and hits a leaping boot. Drake hits a cannonball in the corner. Drake goes to the middle rope and misses the leg lariat. Kazarian catches Drake in a crossface chicken wing, and Drake taps out.

Winners: Frankie Kazarian

Angelico (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Arjun Singh

Angelico quickly applies a hammerlock. Singh counters into one of his own and transitions into a front headlock. Angelico counters into one of his own. Singh counters that into a wristlock. Angelic escapes, trips up Singh and applies a side headlock. He transitions into a front facelock and transitions into surfing on Singh’s back. Angelico pie faces Singh.

Singh responds with a flurry of uppercuts. Singh ducks a lariat and hits a series of strikes, scoop slam, cover, but Angelico kicks out at two. Angelico counters Singh and sends him face first on the bottom turnbuckle. Angelico applies the Navarro Death Roll, and Singh taps out.

Winner: Angelico

– Post-match: Jora Johl is standing on the outside in the crowd. Hardy tells Johl, “Time is money.” He says he needs to make a decision soon if he “wants to be a star.”

– Alex Marvez is backstage with Joey Janela. Janela is silent. Marvez asks if he’s talked with Sonny Kiss since Kiss said they’re over. Janela takes his sunglasses off, but he’s still silent. Marvez tells Janela a new go-go bar has opened, which has Janela’s eyes light up, but he only says, “I’m just frustrated.”

– Vickie Guerrero does her typical “excuse me” schtick and tells Roberts to “get out of my ring” before introducing Nyla Rose to the ring.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Holidead

Rose slams Holidead down off the lock up. Holidead fighting back with a series of strikes, but Rose shows off her power. She hits a back elbow in the corner into a lariat. Holidead fires in forearms, but Rose responds with a torture rack driver followed up by the Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Sonny Kiss vs. The Blade (w/ The Bunny & TH2)

Blade and Kiss exchanging holds to start out. Blade runs through Kiss with a shoulder block. They lock up again, but Blade hits a back elbow off the push off. Blade lands a flurry of stomps on the corner. Kiss hits a boot after the break. Blade pushes Kiss off, and Kiss lays in right hands followed up by a leg lariat. Rapid Kissmissle from Kiss followed by an elbow strike that sends Blade outside.

Kiss tries for a tope but flips over the ropes. Sling kick from Kiss. Kiss planchas on Blade and TH2! Blade back in the ring, and Kiss keeps the pressure on him. Blade reverses a hammer throw attempt and lays Kiss on the middle rope. Blade sends Kiss outside allowing TH2 and Bunny to lay in extra shots on Kiss. Blade sends Kiss back in and keeps the pressure on him.

Blade hits a nasty neckbreaker and enjoys the punishment he’s dealing. Blade hits a lariat as he continues to take his time. Blade applies a neck wrench. Kiss escapes, hits a flurry of strikes. flips over, Matrix duck, but Blade hits a neckbreaker for two.

Kiss flips over a suplex and hits a rolling elbow, then a dropsault, jawbreaker and then an Olympic clothesline followed up by a splitting leg drop, cover 1-2-no! Blade hits a back elbow in the corner. Kiss flips over a suplex and rolls up Blade for two. Kiss with a casadora into a roll through pin for two. Blade reverses a hammer throw into a powerslam. Blade hits a Doctor Bomb for the win.

Winner: The Blade

– Post-match: Blade, TH2 and Bunny continue the beatdown on Kiss. Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy run in to help Kiss. Janela runs in after HFO leave the ring and invites them to fight him. He takes off his jacket as Taylor and Cassidy check up on Kiss. Janela helps Kiss up, but Kiss pushes Janela away.

Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blondes) vs. Ashley D’Amboise

D’Amboise and Hart trade wristlocks to start off. D’Amboise transitions into a side headlock. Hart pushes off, but D’Amboise hits a shoulder tackle. Hart with a leap frog into a hip toss and then a dropkick for a one count. D’Amboise hits a knee to the gut followed up by a bodyslam.

D’Amboise mocks Hart. Hart fights back but gets sent into the corner. Hart avoids D’Amboise in the corner. She hits a lariat, kick to the chest and then a handspring lariat, boot then a split-legged bulldog followed up by a standing moonsault for two. D’Amboise hits a few strikes but runs into a thrust kick. Hart hits a split leg drop for win.

Winner: Julia Hart

Private Party and Jack Evans (w/ Matt Hardy) vs. Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and Colt Cabana

Cabana and Evans starts off this trios match. Cabana gets off a quick arm drag. Cabana and Evans going back and forth trading counter for counter, but Cabana flips Evans over and hits a crosschop. Uno tags in, and he and Cabana send Evans to the corner. Grayson drops Private Party, hits a strike on Evans and Uno and Cabana hit a double shoulder tackle.

Evans catches Grayson with a corkscrew kick. Quen tags in and hits a diving crossbody. Kassidy tags in and deals with Uno and Cabana. Dark Order cut off Private Party and send them outside. Uno and Cabana set up Grayson for a powerslam. Hardy gameplans with HFO on the outside. Hardy distracts Grayson allowing Kassidy to blindside Grayson and taunt Dark Order.

HFO take advantage and take extra shots on Grayson as Cabana tries to get in the ring. HFO now cutting the ring in half on Grayson. Grayson catches Evans in a belly-to-belly suplex. Private Party prevent the tag out. They hit a dropkick / poisonrana combo, cover 1-2-no! Kassidy laying in extra shots on Grayson as HFO go back to cutting the ring in half.

Evans misses the cartwheel kick as Grayson dumps him over. Grayson hits a backflip kick on Private Party and tags in Uno. Uno going to work on Private Party. He hits a step-up rana on Quen. He follows up with a neckbreaker on the shoulders of Evans. Cabana tags in and hits an atomic drop, Uno hits a dropkick, Grayson hits a top rope crossbody, cover, but Quen breaks it up.

Evans rolls up Grayson, Private Party add leverage as he has his feet on the ropes, but Grayson kicks out. Cabana tags in and hits a lariat. Quen hits a dropkick. Uno drops Quen. Kassidy hits an enzuigiri on Uno and mocks Dark Order’s salute. Evans and Kassidy call for Gin and Juice. Cabana catches Evans, Private Party are taken out, Cabana hits the Chicago Skyline, Superman pin for the win.

Winners: Stu Grayson, Evil Uno and Colt Cabana

Shawn Dean vs. JDX

Dean and JDX at an impasse on the lock up. Dean and JDX now feeling each other out exchanging holds. JDX sends Dean to the corner. Dean with a kick off the middle rope, sunset flip pin for two. JDX with an inside cradle pin for two. Dean with a backslide pin for two as he transitions into an armbar. JDX escapes, hits an arm drag but misses a dropkick.

Dean hits an arm drag and hangs on to maintain control. JDX counters with a headscissors, but Dean flips off. JDX with a Manhattan drop, dropkick into a flatliner for two. JDX hits a big chop then a right hand, but Dean starts to get fired up as he hits a series of strikes of his own. Dean bounces off the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Dean hits a dropkick on the corner followed up by a bodyslam.

Dean feeling the crowd. He calls for attention, salutes then hits an elbow drop. Dean hits a lariat, maintains wrist control as he transitions into a sugar hold submission, and JDX taps out.

Winner: Shawn Dean

Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi (w/ Peter Avalon) vs. Sage Scott and Jake St. Patrick

Nemeth and St. Patrick start off this tag team match as Nemeth gets off an easy takedown. Nemeth escapes a waistlock and executes another takedown. Bononi tags in and lays in a big body shot. St. Patrick avoids a bodyslam and hits a dropkick. St. Patrick follows up with hamstring kicks, but Bononi catches a cross body and executs a hoss toss.

Nemeth tags in, struts his hips and hits a corner spear. St. Patrick hits a jawbreaker and tags in Scott. Scott hits a lariat on Bononi. He tries to take out Bononi, but Bononi isn’t fazed. Nemeth hits a chop block. St. Patrick hits a thrust kick. St. Patrick gets taken out. Nemeth hits the Rude Awakening for the win.

Winners: Ryan Nemeth and Cezar Bononi

– The Wingmen put their pinkies together as that closes out another episode of AEW Dark.