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Jake Hager with Chris Jericho vs. Wardlow with Shawn Spears (MMA Rules Cage Fight)

Wardlow has his back turned to Hager as he comes into the cage. Three, five minute rules. No judges — only way to win knockout, TKO, or Submission. No touching of the gloves before the fight starts. Both throwing a few shots, but nothing landing early on. Hager pops Wardlow with a punch to the face, then clock him with a kick to the leg. Hager goes for a takedown, but Wardlow just lift and throws Hager away. Hager with a double leg takedown and then backs away from it — almost taunting Wardlow. This is a worked MMA fight, for those wondering, not real.

He hits another takedown, ground and pound for a moment, then hops back to his feet. Wardlow with a big shot that drops Hager, Hager back up, but gets stuffed against the cage. Wardlow lift and drops Hager to the mat. Hager back up and both are throwing wild haymakers at each other as the first round ticks down. Wardlow with a springboard superman punch, lol! Hager getting on his bike as Wardlow chases him down as swings away. It was close, but the bell rings to save Hager. Wardlow runs and tries for a flying knee, but nobody home. Hager selling damage from that first round, but gets a waistlock that gets transitioned into a wristlock by Wardlow.

Wardlow takes full mount and throws shot, but nothing is landing too clean. Wardlow tries for the cross armbreaker, but Hager scrambles out of it into half mount. He throws some elbows down into Wardlow’s ribs, then tries for an armbreaker of his own. Hager switches to a triangle choke, but Wardlow with a mini powerbomb to break the hold. Hager with an ankle lock at about the halway mark of round two, but Wardlow hits an upkick to stop that. Warlow catches a kick, powerbomb into the cage wall, hurricanrana (?!), he jumps down on Wardlow, but Hager gets the head/arm triangle locked in. Wardlow gets him up on his shoulders. Hager slips out, drops Wardlow, locks in the head/arm triangle again and Wardlow fades away (while giving a middle finger to Jericho).

Winner: Jaker Hager via TKO (referee stoppage)

– Post-match, Hager goes to give Wardlow a fist bump, but Spears runs in and drops Hager. Jericho jumps in the cage and gets attacked by both Pinnacle members. The four pair off until MJF runs into the cage and rips off Jericho’s arm pad. He then locks in an fujiwara armbar on it and Jericho taps out. Dean Malenko gets in and shoves MJF off Jericho. MJF initially doesn’t want to attack Malenko, but then ends up giving him a forearm shot. Referees help Malenko. Sammy Guevara comes into the cell, knocks down Spears, but MJF runs away from Guevara.

– Quick AEW Rampage teaser video.

– Backstage, Frankie Kazarian says he’s a man hungry for revenge against The Good Brothers/Young Bucks and is planning on leaving them in a pile of their own despair. Eddie Kingston says their asses are theirs very soon! Penta (looking like The Joker) throws up “cero miedo.”

– Backstage, Taz with Hook, Ricky Starks, and Powerhouse Hobbs, and says there are issues with the group. He tells Starks there are issues between him and Brian Cage, and they need to work it out. Hobbs isn’t happy about being left alone during their tag match. Taz challenges Hangman Page to a match against Hobbs on next week’s Dynamite.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky vs. Darby Allin (Handicap Match)

Allin with a swing at Page as the bell rings. He lands a big springboard armdrag, Page to the corner and ends up tagging out. Sky runs into a drop toe hold, cover, two. Allin sent into the ropes, Page with a knee to the back. Allin pops him, goes for a springboard coffin drop, Page catches him and Sky hits him. Allin is able to land a strike then a springboard coffin drop on both opponents. Page with the blind tag and big shoulder tackle. Allin gets worked over and sent flying into the corner.

Page and Sky in full control of that match right now. Sky tags in, backbreaker, then brings Page right back in. Page hits an even bigger backbreaker. Sky wants back in and looks for another one. Page back in, Allin with an inside cradle for two. Page taunts Allin about not having a tag partner. He looks for yet another backbreaker, but Allin flips out on it and hits a scorpion deathdrop. Allin drops Page, missile dropkick on Sky, hits a code red, Page breaks up the pin. He then just lifts and throws Allin down to the mat. Allin pulls out a zip tie and puts it around Page’s feet, he tosses Page out to the floor.

Allin then nails an over-the-top stunner on Sky, heads to the top rope for a coffin drop, pin, Page yanks Allin out to the floor. Page searches under the ring for a toolbox and cuts away the zip ties. He grabs Allin and whips him into the ring post. Back in the ring, Allin is still down. Page and Allin go up top. Page trying for a superplex, but Allin fights it off and bites Page, headbutts him off. Allin ends up getting crotched by Sky. Page with ego’s edge, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky via Pinfall

Orange Cassidy with Best Friends and Kris Statlander vs. Cezar Bononi with The Wingmen

Cassidy gets lifted off his feet and sent into the corner. Bononi with some big shots on his opponent. He then throws off Cassidy’s jacket, then launches him out to the floor. The Wingmen try to make Cassidy look “pretty” with spray tan and hair gel. He gets back in the ring, but runs right into a big boot. Cassidy back out to the floor and he gets Nemeth’s shiny jacket on him.

The group continues to mess with Cassidy until Statlander gets the ref’s attention so Taylor and Trent absolutely launch Cassidy up and down on the group out on the floor. Cassidy leaps off the top rope, caught, hits stundog million. He hits a swinging DDT. Nails a bunch of guys with the orange punch. He finally hits Bononi with an orange punch, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Pinfall

– Backstage, Alex Marvez looks to talk with Jungle Boy about his upcoming title match against Kenny Omega on next week’s show. He goes to ask a question and Omega shows up with Don Callis on a cart (honking the horn along the way). Omega says here he stands without any fancy clothing or a title, why is that? Omega says JB tarnished his image last week. He’s going to give Jungle Boy a chance to prove his toughness in a Street Fight. He asks JB what he’s got! JB asks him if he wants to fight him here? He says he’d rather beat Omega next week in the ring. Omega lets JB get a free first shot. JB gets ready to do it and ends up taking a laptop shot to the back from MT Nakazawa. Omega throws a few punches, but JB fires back. Nakazawa gets him and and helps Callis/Omega into the cart. Omega ends up booting Nakazawa back to stall JB. Omega yells at JB “I’ll get you next week!” as Callis lays on the horn.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Matt Hardy about his feud with Christian Cage. Hardy said they had a handshake agreement before with the Casino Battle Royale, and that is exactly why he’s been going after Christian’s ass these past couple weeks. Christian tries jumping them, but H.F.O. ends up locking Christian inside a caged area. Hardy tells Christian he wants to talk, and offers Christian a check to retire and go back home. Christian tells him to open the door! Hardy says he’s going to end Christian’s career if he doesn’t stop, and heads off.

Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson with Arn Anderson vs. QT Marshall and Aaron Solow with Nick Comoroto

Solow and Anderson get things started, Solow throws a shot, Anderson ends up in the wrong corner and Cody jumps in to get him back over to the right side of the ring. Anderson working over the wrist, but Solow trying to pull back on Anderson’s hair to get out of it. Anderson with a kip-up, flips over Solow and Marshall tags in.

QT wants Cody, but Anderson gets in a shot, then tags in Cody. QT quickly retreats and tags in Solow. Cody with a shot to Solow and then a suicide dive out on Marshall. Solow dodges an arm drag and hits a double stomp to Cody’s back. QT tags back in. Cody able to fight his way out of a bad situation, flips out of a move by QT and tags in Anderson. He sends Solow out to the floor, then hits QT with a bunch of shoulder thrusts in the corner. Anderson with a stalled back body drop.

Anderson with a rough looking gutwrench suplex then walks right into a spinebuster. QT stares right at Arn after that move, cover, two. QT continues to work over Anderson. QT with a big leap in the corner, nobody home, Anderson looking for a tag. Solow gets involved and takes away the ref’s attention during the tag. He sends Cody back to the corner. Double team move on Anderson, cover, two. QT stares at Cody for cross rhodes, but Anderson counters with a DDT. Anderson finally tags in Cody, clotheslines, powerslam on Solow. He brings in QT and throws him around the ring a bit before sending him out to the floor. Solow tries for an ankle pick, Cody with a figure-four, but Solow quickly grabbed the bottom rope.

Cody puts Solow up top, punch to the face, QT gets involved and eats a canadian destroyer. Solow with the trunks for a roll-up, two. He lands a corkscrew kick, pin, but Anderson breaks it up. Anderson tags in and hits a big shot to Solow. He sends Cody to the corner and he leaps off for the shot on QT. Solow tries for a move on Anderson, but gets reversed by Anderson into a jackknife pin for the victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson via Pinfall

– Random building, Jake Robert talks about Lance Archer wanting to strike soon as he’s running out of patience. In the back, Archer looks super amped up, yells, and walks off.

– Jim Ross sits down with Andrade El Idolo. Ross asks Andrade why he chose AEW. Andrade says there is a lot of talent and many stars, but he’s a superstar. Andrade says he deserves an opportunity for the TNT Title and the AEW World Title. He says they are his next step. Ross asks about Vickie Guerrero introducing him. He says they have a great connection because of their respective family histories in pro wrestling. He continues that they have a big surprise coming up as the segment closes.

– Backstage in the Dark Order hangout, Marvez asks Hangman Page about facing Powerhouse Hobbs on next week’s show. Page accepts the challenge, but says he’s interested in hanging with his friends and having a cold beer right now. Marvez mentions Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy next week, but Page brings up a bunch of other stuff, including John Silver coming back soon from his shoulder injury. Page also said Evil Uno put on a performance of a lifetime for his TNT Title Match.

Julia Hart with Varsity Blonds vs. Penelope Ford

Both working wrist holds until Ford takes Hart down with a side headlock. Big shoulder tackle by Ford, she talks some trash, but takes a dropkick and then a running crossbody by Hart. Ford heads out to the floor, Hart walks over to her and gets tripped up. Ford spins her around and smashes her in the face. Ford with a flip over the rope and double knees into Hart’s midsection. Back in the ring, they throw big shots at each other. Ford misses a shot and takes a couple clotheslines.

Hart throws Fords into the corner, handspring clothesline misses. Ford with one of her own, but Hart tries for a pin, only one. Ford then clocks Hart down to the mat. Hart back up, lands a couple kicks to the chest. Ford catches the last one, slap to the face, Hart up on her shoulders and lands a double knee gutbuster. Ford heads up to the top rope, moonsault, pool is empty! Hart looks for some splitting leg drop, nobody home. Ford with the indian deathlock and Hart ends upt tapping out.

Winner: Penelope Ford via Submission

– Post-match, Ford hangs on for a lot longer than needed. Varsity Blonds jump in the ring and demand the ref break up the hold. From the back comes AEW TNT Champion Miro. He asks Ford where is Kip? He says she’s out here and outnumbered, that’s not fair. Miro talks to Varsity Blonds about being out here when she’s had such a hard time over the last few weeks. Miro gets a shot on Garrison, but Pillman leaps off the top rope and gets a shot on Miro. Referees run out and break things up. Ford looks on from the stage and heads to the back.

– Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks with AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker and Rebel. Vickie Guerrero just shows up out of no where and says Baker hasn’t shown anything except eating cheeseburgers since she won the title. She wants the title around Nyla Rose and says they should have a match. Baker tells Guerrero to bounce, they have an interview to do. Guerrero says she brought Andrade to AEW, and Tony Khan owes her a favor. So it’s going to be Baker and Rebel vs. Rose and Guerrero on June 30. Baker and Rebel just laugh it off.

– More matches for Wednesday, June 30:

* Miro (c) vs. Brian Pillman with Griff Garrison and Juila Hart (AEW TNT Championship)

* MJF vs. Sammy Guevara

– Hype video for FTR and Santana/Ortiz’s feud. The two teams talk about scratching their way to the top and now they both think they are the best teams in the world. FTR says they spend money now because they have earned it, and they think Santana/Ortiz have lost their edge lately. Santana/Ortiz say they have carried AEW so people like FTR have options (to leave WWE).

– Backstage, Mark Sterling talks about Jade Cargill having a new partnership with a hotel as they expand her brand. Sterling reminds everyone that Cargill is currently undefeated and will continue to appear on all AEW shows to show why she’s “that b****.”

Penta El Zero Miedo, Frankie Kazarian, and Eddie Kingston with Alex Abrahantes vs. The Good Brothers and Matt Jackson

Don Callis joins commentary for the main event. Kazarian and Anderson start out the match as Kazarian gets in a early pin attempt for two. Penta tags in and takes down his opponent with slingblade. Kingston tags in, holds Matt up as Penta kicks him in the face. Gallows is able to tag in, Kingston tries for a shoulder tackle, no luck. Kingston gets on the second rope, shoulder tackle brings Gallows down this time. Everybody is brawling now as things break down.

Matt working over Kingston  until Kingston lands a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Kazarian tags in and drops the oppose team on the other side of the ring. Kazarian with a leg lariat on Matt, powerslam to Anderson, springboard leg lariat, cover, two-count. Kazarian with a crossface chicken wing on Anderson, Gallows breaks it up. Frankie then knocks Doc off the apron and then walks right into a spinebuster. Penta gets the tag and hits a diving crossbody off the top rope on Matt. Penta hits a big flip down on The Good Brothers! Kicks Matt in the head, swinging DDT into the ring, cover, two.

Penta with a package piledriver on Matt, Kingston backdrop driver. Kazarian hits angel’s wings, cover, and Gallows breaks that up. Doc picks up Matt and Anderson tags in. Penta continues to beat up Anderson, thrust kick, cover, two. Good Brothers gang up on Penta with lots of strikes in the corner. They drop Penta,  Matt with an elbow drop off the top, cover by Doc on Penta, two! Good Brothers look for magic killer, no. Everybody hitting big moves on each other until it’s only Anderson and Penta. Penta with a big back stabber then heads up to the top. Nick shows up through the crowd and sprays Penta in the face with the cold spray! Anderson goes up top, super neckbreaker on Penta, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Matt Jackson and The Good Brothers via Pinfall