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– The Pinnacle gets out of a limo as they make their way into Daily’s Place.

– Matt Hardy, Angelico, and Jack Evans are in the ring. Hardy hyping up tonight’s match between Christian Cage and Angelico. He says he plans on ending Cage’s career and he’ll never recover financially from what will happen.

Angelico with Jack Evans and Matt Hardy vs. Christian Cage

Back and forth reversals as each wrestler looks to gain wrist control. Cage tosses his opponent into the corner and swings away at his head. Cage goes up top, but gets yanked off. Angelico then focuses on the left arm, stomping away at it. Cage fights back with multiple strikes, springboard sunset flip, but ends up getting reversed and eats a penalty kick. Cage recovers and hits a reverse swinging DDT on his opponent, shoulder tackle, second rope missile dropkick, cover, two-count. Cage on the apron, yanks Angelico’s neck back against the top rope. He heads to the top and nails a headbutt, cover, two.

Angelico fights back, looks to stomp down on that bad arm, but Cage with an up-kick as he comes down, roll-up, two. Angelico with an enziguri, jack knife pin, two-count. Both clunk heads and go down to the mat. Both get up, Angelico charges in, nobody home and eats a kick, Cage with a diving european uppercut. He looks for kill switch and nails Angelico with it, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Christian Cage via Pinfall

– Post-match, Evans and Hardy jump in the ring. Cage gets rid of Evans, but Hardy is able to nail twist of fate on Cage. Hardy talks some trash as Angelico stomps away on Cage. He goes for another move, but Jungle Boy runs out for the save and clears the ring.

– Upcoming shows: July 7 (Road Rager) in Miami, Florida; July 14 Fyter Fest (Night 1) in Cedar Park, Texas, July 21 Fyter Fest (Night 2) in Garland, Texas, and July 28 Fight for the Fallen in Charlotte, North Carolina.

– Tony Schiavone announces next week it will be Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson (Arn Anderson’s son) vs. QT Marshall and Aaron Solow. Cody Rhodes comes out to the ring along with Arn and Brock Lesnar. Cody says Brock is going to show people he wasn’t born on third base and he’s very excited to show everyone what he can do in the ring. Rhodes mentions beating Anthony Ogogo, which brings out QT Marshall who reminds Cody who won the tag team title. Marshall tells Cody he’s tired of the vanity projects, like Brock. Marshall is tired of the second generation nepotism. Marshall says he wants to face Cody in a South Beach Strap Match on July 7 in Miami. Marshall ends up taking off his belt and get a cheap shot on the back of Arn Anderson. Brock leaps and takes down Marshall, then throws a few punches.

PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Eddie Kingston  vs. The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler

Don Callis joins commentary. PAC starts out with Matt, but Matt and Nick forces Cutler into the match to face PAC. PAC beats up Cutler some, then tags in Penta. Cutler gets destroyed by Penta, and takes some big chops to the chest. Kingston is then tagged in, hits a double stomp, cover, two. PAC gets back in then and continues to destroy Cutler. Matt finally gets a tag and gets in some offense, Nick yanks PAC out to the floor, Cutler leaps off the apron to the floor and Young Bucks finally ground PAC.

Back in the ring, PAC with a boot to Matt’s face as he looks to finally tag out of the match. Matt looks for a swinging DDT and gets launched across the ring. Kingston tags in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Penta gets in on the action and hits a canadian destoyer. He hits the ropes, Cutler yanks Penta out, Nick looks for a kick, and hits Cutler. Penta plants Nick on the apron, then drives Matt down to the mat, cover, Cutler breaks it up. PAC tags in as he and Kingston crushes Matt in the corner. PAC looks for black arrow, but it stopped for a moment as Cutler tries to hit him with a camera. Nick and Kingston battle with Nick getting the best of him. Penta goes after Nick and sends him to the outside. Penta with a step-up senton down on Cutler and Nick!

PAC is still up top and decides to go for a 450 splash into the brutalizer on Matt. Nick with a kick, but PAC won’t release it. Kingston boots Nick to the floor. Kingston with a suicide dive on Cutler as PAC flips out to the floor on Nick. Matt with a roll-up on PAC, grabs the tight, close three. PAC nails a flurry of kicks to Matt, but then takes a kick to the back from Nick. Matt with a bucklebomb/double enziguri combo. Cutler tags in springboard elbow, nobody home. Kingston with the spinning backfist, PAC covers Cutler, 1-2-3.

Winners: PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Eddie Kingston via Pinfall

– Post-match, The bad guys immediate attack as The Good Brother also come out to to help. Frankie Kazarian runs out to the ring and helps clear out the ring. Frankie sends Doc out of the ring and then lands a big lariat on Cutler.

– Video package made by Kenny Omega, Don Callis, and company about the conspiracy to take the title off Omega. Clips are shown from Omega’s title match against Orange Cassidy and PAC at Double or Nothing.

– The Pinnacle head out to the ring to talk for the first time since their loss at Double or Nothing to Inner Circle. MJF and company are not in a good mood. Dax Harwood says they may have a lost, but that match wasn’t meant for them. He talks to Santana and Ortiz, notes both team came from nothing, but they never lost their edge like Santana/Ortiz. Harwood says he has a family to take care and will continue to do so, Wheeler says he doesn’t have a family, so he doesn’t give a s*** about Santana/Ortiz’s family. Shawn Spears says Sammy Guevara got his moment of the lifetime at Spears’ expensive. He says Sammy isn’t a hero, he’s nothing more than a glorified indie wrestler. Spears says he’s the hero and they aren’t finished! The group calms him down. Wardlow talks directly to Jake Hager, says Jake is obsessed with him, almost like Hager needs him. Wardlow says Hager brings him to his comfort zone because he knows he can’t beat Wardlow in the ring. He says in one week he accepts the MMA cage fight challenge.

MJF gets on the mic and says he knows he’s the best, but that’s pressure and that’s daunting to most people. MJF says he grew up idolizing Chris Jericho. MJF talks about the Jacksonville rally when AEW first started when he first saw Jericho. He said it should have been a dream come true to wrestle him, but ultimately he’s just a false God, and just like everyone else. “You’re not even remotely on my level.” MJF says Jericho’s match request is denied. He rips on Sammy Guevara a bit, and says Sammy doesn’t belong in the same ring as him.

Jericho shows up on the big screen and says MJF should already know what happens when Inner Circle doesn’t get what they want. Jericho, with a bat in hand, walks over to The Pinnacle’s limo and the group destroys the limo. Jake Hager then drives a forklift straight into the side of the limo and lifts it up. He then reverses and rips off a couple doors. Jericho tells Pinnacle to call an Uber. Sammy calls MJF a “company b****” and will fight him anytime. The group rides off on the fork lift, flicking off the camera.

– Darby Allin and Sting have a response for Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky about next week’s challenge. Allin says he’s not replacing Sting and it will be a handicap match. He tells Sting to stay home. Allin says Sting got the pin at Double or Nothing, and wants to prove to them he can win without Sting. Sting says Allin has accomplished plenty in AEW and did much of it before he even showed up. Allin says to stay home. Sting says he’ll stay home and offers Allin a fist bump. Allin says he respects Sting. Sting says he knows and they fist bump before Sting heads off.

– Evil Uno says he wants to make Brodie Lee proud of him by bringing the TNT Title back to Dark Order. He’d love to see any member win a title, but he’d like to do it and validate his 17-year career in wrestling.

Miro (c) vs. Evil Uno (AEW TNT Championship)

Dark Order comes out to the stage in support of Evil Uno and then heads to the back. Miro instantly using his strength to put Uno down to the mat, pin, barely a one-count. Uno with some chops to the chest, but thye do nothing. Miro end up getting sent out to the floor. He goes to get in and Uno stomps the fingers. Miro tries again, and yanks Uno out. Miro with a swing, misses, and hits the ring post. Uno on the apron and hits a senton. Back in the ring, Uno with a back elbow, kick to the face, middle rope leap, but he’s caught in midair and suplexed across the ring.

Miro really controlling the match now as Uno gets sent out of the ring. Grayson and 5 run out to hype up their guy. Miro then clotheslines Grayson over the barricade. 5 runs off as Miro stares him down. Miro ends up tearing off the top turnbuckle pad during all of this. Uno lands a couple punches on the champion. Uno with an hurricanrana, lands a few more shots, heads to the top turnbuckle for a senton, cover, one-count. Dark Order all comes out to the stage cheers on Uno. Uno stomps Miro’s fingers, forearm to the head, running crosssbody, nope, Miro rolls through for a two count and gets sent into the exposed turnbuckle, cover, two. Uno does Brodie Lee’s taunt, discus lariat, and Miro returns fire with one of his own. Miro stomps Uno’s back and locks in Game Over for the tap out.

Winner: Miro via Submission

– Next Friday: Jim Ross to talk with Andrade El Idolo. A “Face of Latinos” hype package is shown for Andrade.

– Tony Schiavone in the ring awaiting AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis. Tony asks them about this conspiracy theory they have talked about. Callis says it’s a con-job of epic proportions to take the title off Omega. Callis tells Jungle Boy he’s just a one-hit wonder. Omega says he knows he’s supposed to sell this upcoming match like Jungle Boy is some massive challenge, but he says JB actually reminds him of a young Omega. Maybe one day he’ll be a champion, but he’s missing something. Callis says that one thing missing is he doesn’t have the guts to get in the ring with Omega. JB’s music then hits and he heads out to the ring. Crowd with a nice pop for the challenger. Omega says JB has nothing to say because he doesn’t have the guts! He wonders if JB is going to get into a fight or a battle of wits with the best on the mic?! He ask JB what he has to say! JB calmly responds Omega talks way too much. Omega goes for a cheap shot, misses, and eats a bunch of forearms. Omega with a rake to the eyes and throws a few punches. JB dodges Omega and nearly locks in the snare trap, but Young Bucks run out to save Omega.

– Mark Sterling talks about how Jade Cargill’s stock is already going up with his help. They have booted the freeloaders and will make sure she’s going to be a household name across the nation. She mentions wanting to capitalize on her catchphrase that the other women in AEW can’t keep out of their mouth, “Because I’m that b****.”

– Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky talk to Darby Allin about his decision. Sky feels like it’s a very dumb decision. Page says there are consequences to what he decides to do. Bit by bit they are going to chop Allin down and rise up to the next level.

Lance Archer with Jake Roberts vs. Chandler Hopkins

His opponent tries to cut him off and gets launched right back into the ring. Archer looks for a chokeslam, blocked, but he then quickly drops Hopkins. Archer lands a chokeslam on his opponent in his second attempt. Archer hits black out, cover, and we’re already done here.

Winner: Lance Archer via Pinfall

– Ryan Nemeth (along with JD Drake, Cezar Bononi, and Peter Avalon) says Orange Cassidy is the worst dressed wrestler in AEW. He offers a makeover or Cassidy is going to get beat up by the group.

Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch quickly locks in the armbar on Rose, but she gets to the ropes for the break. Hirsch with a dropkick, sending Rose to the floor. She goes for a suicide dive, Rose catches her and sends Hirsch into the apron a couple times. Hirsch tries for another armbar out on the floor, Rose lifts and swings her into the barricade. “Let’s go Leyla!” chant from the crowd. Back in the ring, Hirsch gets dropped, Rose with a knee drop and then locks in a neck crank.

Hirsch with a release german suplex, driving knee strike on Rose. She goes for a leaping moonsault press, cover, and Rose grabs the rope for a break. Hirsch stomps away at Rose’s arm and tries for another armbar. Rose lifts Hirsch up and slams her down to the mat! Rose drapes Hirsch over the top rope. Rose to the top rope, but is stopped by Hirsch. The two end up top, Rose headbutts her off. Hirsch jumps back up, tries for a hurricanrana, blocked, powerbombed off the top, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Nyla Rose via Pinfall

– Tony Schiavone talks with AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker (with Rebel). Baker says she was mad at Nyla Rose for ruining her celebration last week. Then she realized that Rose looked good flipping the burgers and maybe that’s her thing. Baker says as champion she’s already getting big corporate endorsements. She calls Rose “one of the jealous b****es in the back.” Baker says she makes the title, but the title makes people like Rose.

– Next week:

* QT Marshall and Aaron Solow with Nick Comoroto vs. Cody Rhodes and Brock Anderson with Arn Anderson

* Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky vs. Darby Allin (Handicap Match)

* Penta El Zero Miedo, Eddie Kingston, and Frankie Kazarian with Alex Abrahantes vs. Matt Jackson and The Good Brothers with Don Callis

* Jim Ross sits down with Andrade El Idolo

* Orange Cassidy with Best Friends and Kris Statlander vs. Cezar Bononi with The Wingmen

* Wardlow vs. Jake Hager (MMA Rules Cage Fight)

Brian Cage and Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Hangman Page and 10

Taz joins commentary for the main event. Cage and Page get things started with the FTW Champion getting in the early offense. 10 gets the blind tag and lands a bunch of shots to Cage. 10 whips Cage into the corner and lands a running pump kick. Cage clocks 10 from behind and then tags in Hobbs. Back from break, back and forth action in the middle of the ring as 10 and Cage throw big shots at each other. 10 with a pump kick that sends Cage into the corner. Hobbs tags in and takes a swing at Page, misses, and eats a strike. Page tags in and lands a running kick on Cage. Page throws a shot at Hobbs, but it does little. Page tries to body slam Hobbs, no luck. Page leaps out on Cage, caught in midair, he’s able to send Cage into the ring post. Page goes up top and hits a moonsault press on Hobbs for a two-count. Page on the apron, Hobbs tries to suplex him, but Page slips out the back.

Page with misdirection, misses a clothesline and Hobbs hits a huge running crossbody, cover, 10 breaks it up. Cage with a hurricanrana on 10 and then hits a 619. Page sends Cage to the floor, then pops Hobbs in the face, cover, Hobbs’ arm is past the bottom rope for the break. 10 gets back in the match and puts Hobbs down. Rick Starks is now at ringside. Nice high-low combo on 10, cover, two.  Hook jumps on the apron. Starks throws the title to Cage, and Cage throws it back to the floor. Stark barking at Cage and slaps him in the face! Cage goes after Starks, and Ricky runs to the back. Hobbs is on his own, hits a spinebuster on 10, cover, Page stops that. Page sent out to the floor. Hobbs looks for another spinebuster, no, 10 nails a ripcord cutter. Page lands a buckshot lariat! 10 with the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Hangman Page and 10 via Pinfall

– Post-match, Dark Order comes out and celebrates with Page and 10 as the show comes to a close.

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