AEW and AAA star “El Idolo” Andrade took to Twitter today and reminded fans that he was not “born” in WWE.

Andrade made his AEW debut on Friday Night Dynamite last night, as the newest client of Vickie Guerrero. He cut a brief promo and made it known that he wants to be the new face of AAA. Andrade also recently signed to AAA, and will challenge AEW & Impact World Champion Kenny Omega for his AAA Mega Title at TripleMania XXIX on August 14.

Andrade sent the message on Twitter today and asked what’s next.

He wrote, “I was not born in WWE,I’m ex WWE, yes! but EX CMLL EX NJPW, Now I’m the Superstar of @AEW and @luchalibreaaa What’s next?”

WWE released Andrade back on March 21 after he requested the departure a few weeks earlier. He had been with WWE since 2015, but had successful runs with NJPW, CMLL and other promotions before that.

Stay tuned for more on Andrade. You can see his full tweet below: