Anthony Ogogo made his AEW pay-per-view debut this past Sunday when he faced Cody Rhodes in a singles match. Not only was this Ogogo’s first marquee wrestling match, but it’s a return to something all too familiar for the former Olympic boxer.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman on the Wrestling Inc. Daily ahead of the big match Ogogo noted his excitement to be performing in front of a full crowd again.

“For me, it’s just nice to be back in front of a crowd full of people because my last boxing match was five years ago,” Ogogo said. “It’s been a long time. I’m built, I was born for the crowd. I was born to perform in front of people. It’s going to be great to get in the ring. Whether you be booing me, cheering me, I don’t care. All I know is Cody Rhodes is getting beat up on Sunday. I’m smash his head in, and it’s going to be a new era. The Guv’nor’s in town.”

While Ogogo is competing on AEW’s biggest stage, he still is contracted as a developmental. Ogogo emphasized that he wants “some of the big boy money” once he defeats Rhodes, which he did not, while also revealing he is operating on a lower salary to compete in AEW.

“I’m not even on a tier. I took a pay cut to do this,” Ogogo said. “That’s how much I wanted to do this. I took a massive pay cut to do this. I’m on a developmental contract. I might be their first developmental wrestler. As it happened, I just developed a hell of a lot quicker than anyone thought I’d develop. The development is over on Sunday when I pin Cody to the mat, 1-2-3. Actually, I’m not going to pin him. I’m going to spark him out. I’m going to knock his block off. When he’s rendered unconscious, that’s when my development ends.”

No word yet on if Ogogo’s AEW contract status was changed after his match with Cody.

You can follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyOgogo. You can find the full audio and video from Ogogo’s interview below:

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