Barry Horowitz On Not Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame: "Maybe I Was Too Good"

On today's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman sat down with legendary pro wrestler Barry Horowitz. Horowitz is a 30-year veteran best known for being a key enhancement talent that put over WWE's biggest stars, yet he is not in the WWE Hall of Fame. Hausman asked Horowitz if he saw himself in the WWE Hall of Fame down the road.

"That hall of fame is all in Vince's mind," Horowitz pointed out. "It's nice to be there, but when you got Kid Rock and Bob Uecker, I mean, in the NFL Hall of Fame, I see nothing but football players. I understand it's two different venues, two different avenues, two different sports, but you're telling me of all cockamamie things they've come up with in the last five years on RAW, you can't have, for one year, the people would go insane. I put my house on it, have an enhancement hall of fame or just one enhancement guy every year.

"You guys can't think of this? You big time story writers, you Hollywood producers, you writers, you can't think of something that basic? And if you don't think it's gonna get over, well, I don't think on Monday Night RAW a few years ago, Pat Patterson and Gerald Bisco schoolboying the 24/7 Champion is going to draw you much. Give me a friggin break. I'm calling it like it is. I'm not knocking. I have no heat up there at all, except like Jim Cornette said on his podcast, maybe I was too good. I worked too hard, and I never failed the drug test. I trained my ass off. I worked hard."

Al Snow was on another recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily and praised Horowitz and the power of enhancement talents. Horowtiz reacted to Snow's praise.

"It resonates, and I respect that statement from yourself and Al Snow because not too many people say it. The smart marks do, and they're really smart so I go by their word," Horowitz said. "The boys, they won't put me over. You got jealousy. You got this. You got that. 'Somebody's gonna take my spot.' It's called insecurity, but I appreciate that from Al. I've always respected him. I've traveled with him and Glenn Jacobs, back in the day when he was Avatar. And he's totally right with that statement. We could embellish on it.

"I mean, we could go on and on with that statement, but if you go into ring, and I've seen it, and you don't make a superstar or try to make a superstar, he's not going to draw. And what's really important is if the guy can't work at all, [cough] Ultimate Warrior, if he can't work at all and just wears face paint and shakes the top rope, you really got to work hard. But if they put me in there with Bret Hart, TV, 10 minutes, we're gonna have even a better match because we both could wrestle. People don't get the thing about enhancement. There's two sides to that name. There's enhancement, and I don't mean this in any disrespect.

"There's some guys, 'Hey, I just want to get in the ring. I'm gonna take some bumps. I'm not in the greatest shape. I trained at a half -ass school,' and that's what they want. And then there's enhancement that could go, I could put over Undertaker or Shawn Michaels, or anybody in one or two minutes, but I could tear down the house next night in Montreal, Canada with Owen Hart for 15 minutes. There's a difference. You got to pull your weight, and I could pull it. A lot of guys won't admit that, or they won't say that about me. Obviously, Al is saying that, and Al's in the same position. I mean, technically, first of all, everybody loses. You got to have a loser. My Buccaneers lost. My Patriots have lost. There's got to be a loser in the movies. There has to be or it would be boring. It would draw you flies in a phone booth."

You can find Barry on Cameo HERE and follow his Facebook page HERE. You can find the full audio and video from Horowitz's interview below:

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