WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins recently spoke with ET’s Deidre Behar about John Cena, and being thankful for the role he played in their careers.

While Nikki Bella publicly thanked her ex-fiancé during her WWE Hall of Fame induction speech back in April, Brie Bella revealed that she privately reached out to Cena.

Nikki talked about mentioning Cena during her induction speech, and said she didn’t think anything about it while in the moment.

“I didn’t think anything about it because when you’re in those moments at the Hall of Fame, you really look at your career and you’re like, ‘Who was there, who helped me along the way?’ And so much of the time people will talk about themselves, and for me, I look at my career and I know that wasn’t just because of me,” Nikki said. “It was Brie, it was the Bella Army, it was the producers, all the people that believed in me, and John was a big part of that.

“He really helped me be that fearless side and showed me a part of that world that I never saw before. I think just because you have breakups or whatever it may be, doesn’t mean you can’t thank those people and just truly be so grateful for the help that they had.”

Brie said she reached out to Cena via text message, to thank him for all the advice he gave both she and Nikki over the years, and for being the guy in and outside of the ring that truly cared about seeing everyone in WWE improve.

“I even texted John to thank him,” Brie said. “Because you do, when you get inducted to the Hall of Fame, you want to start to reach out to people and thank them, because you’re like, ‘I got into the Hall of Fame because you’re part of this big puzzle that got completed, you’re one of the pieces.’

“The one thing that I always give John Cena credit for, he was the guy who sat in a chair, watched the monitor the whole time. When you came back from your match, he’d give you advice. He always cared about everyone’s match and their work and how to help them improve. And I’ll never forget that. And so, I told him all the time, and also I was their third wheel, it’d always be all three of us traveling all the time. So, I was like, the memories and how much you just always gave us great advice, I’ll never forget that. It’s why we’re here.”