CM Punk On The Match He Would Re-Do, WWE Bringing Back Released Talent, Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Champion CM Punk hosted another Twitter Q&A this afternoon and made several interesting comments.

The 2013 WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view saw Brock Lesnar defeat CM Punk in a No DQ match. Punk was asked if it's true that he and Lesnar called the match in the ring, from top to bottom.

"Had ideas for highspots and filled in the blanks," Punk responded.

Punk faced John Cena on RAW in early 2013 and if he won, he would've earned a spot in Cena vs. then-WWE Champion The Rock at WrestleMania 29. Punk ended up losing to The Undertaker at the pay-per-view. A fan asked Punk who he envisioned winning the potential Triple Threat. He responded and named Cena, noting that the pitch was for Punk to be taken out first so Rock and Cena could have their "once in a lifetime" moment.

"Cena. Pitch was get me out first and let them have their lifetime moment," Punk responded.

Punk and WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin have been on friendly terms over the years. Punk was asked what it would take for him to consider an appearance on Austin's Broken Skull Sessions show.

He responded, "Money. Nobody gets any royalties for anything shown on peacock. Nobody. Yay wrestling biz!"

Punk was also asked which match he would re-do from his career. He wrote, "The last one."

Punk's last WWE match was the 2014 Royal Rumble main event. After a brief feud with WWE Hall of Famer Kane, who was an authority figure, Punk was made to be the first entrant in the match. Kane was eliminated earlier in the match, but he came back later and eliminated Punk from the outside of the ring, then chokeslammed him through the announce table.

One fan asked Punk if he would rather wrestle Triple H or AEW World, Impact World and AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega Punk responded with the "Uh uh... that's bait" GIF of Tom Hardy in the Mad Max movie.

Punk was later asked what he thinks about WWE releasing wrestlers and then bringing them back, like we've seen recently with Samoa Joe.

"The left hand not talking to the right hand," Punk responded.

Punk was also asked about his Straight Edge Society and Nexus storylines, and which he enjoyed being a part of more, or thought was better.

He responded, "I got away with way more with the SES because nobody understood anything I was doing."

Punk told another fan that he still has every piece of ring gear he wore during his career.

When asked if Punk has any future acting projects in the works, he wrote back, "It's going to be a busy summer."

Stay tuned for more from Punk. You can see the aforementioned tweets below, along with a few more highlights from today's Q&A: