Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Young Bucks and The Good Brothers recall when Brandon Cutler crashed their car into another parked car outside Daily’s Place. About three weeks ago they are leaving the venue, packing up the car, and hear Don Callis yells. Cutler closed the door on his hand and it swelled up twice its size. Callis comes up to the camera and shows the bruising. He says there’s a couple hairline fractures, as well. Callis jokes if he can’t use it in two weeks the doctors are going to cut it off and give him a hook.

* Trick shots with Nick Jackson

* Dark Order hangout, the group talks about last week’s drug trip. There’s a “Intermission” sign hanging up above the bar, it’s supposed to say “Intervention.” The guys talk about what they saw or did when they were tripping out last week. They ask Page what he saw (it was the AEW World Title) but he says he doesn’t remember. 10 walks in and wonders which of his vices they want to talk about. They say the intervention is not for him. Stu Grayson walks in and it’s apparently for him. The group brings him in for a hug and he doesn’t like it at all.

* Matt Hardy talks with Isiah Kassidy, who has a gift for him. He gives him a purple durag. Hardy loves it. Kassidy says Marq Quen got one too, but it looks not so great on him. Hardy and Kassidy try to tell him otherwise. Hardy then say he thinks of Private Party like they are his own kids.

* Back to Dark Order’s intervention for Stu. Silver tells Stu he keeps seeing things and the girl isn’t real. Stu is adamant that she is real! He says she’s right there (pointing to where Anna Jay usual sits) and the camera pans over to find Anna actually sitting there. She grins at the camera, but none of the other guys see her. The group banters a bit and 10 (of all people) tells Stu that he has a serious problem. The group decide to go off and celebrate Page’s win. Stu is left behind on his own for a moment. Anna gets near him and says, “Little b****.” Uno comes back and decides to bring Stu with them.

* Number one contender match for the BTE Championship. Winner gets Marko Stunt next week. The wrestlers have to jump and put a piece of tape on the wall — highest wins. Cezar Bononi ends up sticking it to the ceiling to get the victory and will face Stunt next week.