Dustin Rhodes Responds To Backlash Over Bullrope Match

Earlier today, AEW star Dustin Rhodes asked on Twitter what people thought about his Bullrope Match with Nick Comoroto. The match happened on the June 4 edition of AEW Dynamite.

Dustin Rhodes received some backlash because he won the match and didn't help put Nick over.

One user tweeted, "It was unnecessary and you should've lost. You have a Billy Jack Haynes, bruiser Brody hybrid, and you have him getting beat in a match he should've dominated. If you were as "passionate" as you claim, you should've put him over..."

Dustin Rhodes replied, "He is a better wrestler after being in the ring. That is why your opinion specifically doesn't matter. Your mom wants you back in the basement. #BasementDweller"

Another user said that the match could have been better. The user also wrote that Comoroto could use some wins on Dynamite.

He responded, "He did win. He was in a match with me. Everybody that works me becomes better."

Dustin Rhodes was also asked what the point was in having the match.

He simply answered, "Pay attention to product"

Below you can read the tweets and see video highlights of the match: