Liv Morgan spoke with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy about how Alexa Bliss’ current character has become an inspiration to others in the WWE locker room, and also her own WWE documentary, Liv Forever.

The darker, more sinister Bliss has been causing problems for months as she currently has her sights set on Shayna Baszler. The two are scheduled to meet in the ring at tomorrow’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV with Bliss’ buddy, Lily, likely keeping a close eye on things.

“I love what she’s doing,” Morgan said. “It’s creative, it’s artsy, it’s dark, which are all things that I am drawn to. I definitely think maybe it makes others broaden their mind as to what we can and are able to, get away with. It’s inspirational in that aspect showing us we can think outside the box maybe a little bit more than we had anticipated.”

Switching gears, Morgan was asked about her documentary, Liv Forever, that came out last year. She noted the connection fans had with it boiled down to watching someone struggle to find a spot in WWE and getting back on TV.

“Seeing the struggles of being a WWE Superstar, it’s definitely a blessed life, but it’s still not all rainbows and sunshine,” Morgan stated. “There’s a lot of heartache and there’s a lot of disappointment in the journey. So we kind of opened the doors to let people see the other side. Usually when we do documentaries it’s the challenger on their way to be champion and mine was completely different. It was, here’s this girl, just trying to get on TV, let’s see her struggle.”

Morgan is currently on SmackDown, and has traded wins with Carmella over the past couple weeks.