Police Show Up To GCW Outlaw Mudshow Event

GCW Outlaw Mudshow took place last night at the Albany County Fairgrounds in Laramie, Wyoming. The main event featured GCW World Champion Nick Gage vs. Mance Warner in a Bunkhouse Brawl Match.

Things got wild enough during the main event where eight police officers show up to question Warner and Gage for the concession stand brawl that happened during their match, according to Joey Janela.

In the video below, Janela showed a clip of the backstage area with police around.

"So, the cops here thought that Mance/Gage match was real and got too out of control," Janela said. "There are cops here — all over. This is pretty wild. It's still real here in Wyoming."

Below are the full results from the show:

* Jordan Oliver defeated Gringo Loco
* Chris Dickinson defeated 2 Cold Scorpio
* Jimmy Lloyd defeated Allie Katch
* 1 Called Manders defeated Matthew Justice (Bullrope Match)
* Effy defeated Warhorse
* AJ Gray defeated Orin Veidt
* Ricky Morton defeated Atticus Cogar
* Nick Gage (c) defeated Mance Warner (Bunkhouse Brawl Match for the GCW World Championship)