Potential Rumor Killer On Speculation Of WWE Sale

WWE has made three separate rounds of talent cuts over the past few months, besides firing dozens of office workers as part of a major corporate restructuring.

The budget cuts have fueled speculation of WWE potentially selling the company, with former wrestlers such as CM Punk and The Blue Meanie stirring the pot via social media.

In an update, Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics says he has spoken to several investors regarding the WWE sale rumors and not one of them believe a transaction is on the cards.

Thurston tweeted:

I talked with 5 people in the WWE investor community in the last 24 hours about the notion that the company's recent actions indicate they're preparing for a sale. Not one of them thought so. Even the stock price is no-selling wrestling Twitter.

Last week, Thurston wrote a lengthy Twitter piece to explain why a WWE sale is unlikely.

See below for his tweet: