WWE has posted a closer look at the letter Riddle presented to WWE officials Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville at the beginning of Monday’s RAW, supposedly written by Randy Orton.

As noted, Orton did not appear on RAW for some reason this week, despite being advertised right before RAW went on the air. He was scheduled to compete in the Second Chance Money In the Bank Qualifier with Drew McIntyre and RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles. RAW opened with Deville and Pearce announcing that Orton was unable to compete due to circumstances out of their control. They then announced a Battle Royal to determine Orton’s replacement in the qualifier. Riddle interrupted their announcement and claimed Orton had written a letter to have Riddle serve as his replacement. In typical Riddle comedy, Pearce and Deville didn’t buy the letter, but he still made his case for being in the Battle Royal, and he ended up winning that match to earn a spot in the main event.

We noted before that McIntyre ended up winning the main event qualifier over Styles and Riddle, who did his best Orton impersonations. He now joins Riddle, Ricochet and John Morrison as the four RAW Superstars to compete in the Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match at the July 18 MITB pay-per-view. SmackDown will be represented by Big E, two blue brand Superstars to be determined, and the winner of this Friday’s Last Man Standing qualifier between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Riddle has been full of Orton-related comedy this week. You can read his RAW letter below, allegedly written by Orton, along with a pre-RAW mock text message conversation that shows Orton leaving him on “read” before the show. Also below are related shots from the main event, which saw Riddle channel his inner-Legend Killer.

“Page 1. Aloha. I THE VIPER RANDY ORTON, of Sound Body and Mind, hereby declare that my best friend RIDDLE, hiterfore take my place in tonights last chance triple threat match!”

“Page 2. RIDDLE is the Coolest, most Bodacious bro I could ask for and I would be honored if he were to fight on my Behalf. Aoha, THE LEGEND Killer [smiley face art] [snake art]”