Quinn McKay checks in backstage after the usual ROH signature video package. McKay talks about the Survival Of The Fittest Tournament.

A video package is shown on Bandido and Bateman.

Bateman (with Vita VonStarr & Dutch) and Bandido make their entrances. The referee sends Dutch and Vita VonStarr to the back.

Survival Of The Fittest – Round One Match: 

Bandido vs. Bateman

They lock up. Bandido backs Bateman to the ropes. Bandido eventually runs towards Bateman in the corner, Bateman gets his boot up. Bateman connects with a knee to Bandido from off the turnbuckle. Bateman goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, Bandido reverses it with a head-scissors on Bateman. Bandido hits his 21-Plex finisher on Bateman. Bandido pins Bateman to advance in Survival Of The Fittest.

Winner: Bandido 

A video package is shown on Danhausen and Rhett Titus.

A video package is shown on The Briscoes (Mark and Jay).

Dragon Lee, ROH Tag Team Champion Tracy Williams and ROH Television Champion Tony Deppen make their entrances.

ROH Television Championship Match: 

Tony Deppen (c) vs. Tracy Williams vs. Dragon Lee

Lee pushes Deppen. Lee pushes Williams. Lee steps out fo the ring as Deppen locks in a waist-lock on Williams. Williams briefly locks in a waist-lock of his own on Deppen. Williams hits a snapmare on Deppen. Williams eventually clotheslines Lee. Williams goes for a piledriver on Lee. Lee pushes Williams backward, into the referee. Lee hits Williams with a low blow. Deppen rolls Lee up for the three count. Lee had the chance to break the fall, he chose not to.

Winner: Tony Deppen

VLNCE UNTLD comes to the ring to celebrate Deppen’s win. Kenny King comes to the stage. King talks about tonight’s strategy being not to get pinned, because whoever gets pinned tumbles down the rankings. King talks about Lee being the Number One contender to Deppen’s title at Best In The World.

They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.