Impact Wrestling is once again teasing the signing of at least one of the recent crop of released WWE talent. While it remains to be seen who will be brought in, current Impact wrestlers want as many additions to the roster as possible.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast, former Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary noted she wants “all” the free agents in Impact Wrestling, but mentioned a couple of names she hopes to see turn up specifically.

“The IIconics in particular tingles in the back of our minds with the reformed Knockouts Tag Team Championships,” Rosemary said. “Bringing in a seasoned tag team and one that’s quite clever and unexpectedly successful. So their addition to the Knockout’s division would be very intriguing indeed.

“You called her Chelsea Green, but she’s our Laurel Van Ness and we do have unfinished business with her so to have her return to the IMPACT realm would be something sweet indeed.”

The reformed Knockouts Tag Titles have put an even greater emphasis on Impact’s women’s division, but they are not the only promotion making big investments with their female talent. The NWA recently announced they will be doing an all-women’s pay-per-view later this year, which will be the first time the promotion is doing a show of that kind.

Rosemary noted that Impact has done all-female PPVs before, and she hopes to see them brought back one day.

“Impact did used to run all women’s pay-per-views back when they were still hailed as TNA. They would do the Knockouts Knockdown PPVs and it’d be every year,” Rosemary said. “We don’t see any reason why those couldn’t come back with the ever expanding Knockouts division and the lot of free agents you could bring in, which was the structure, to have free agents come in and face contracted talent and have them battle it out. That would absolutely be something we’d be willing to be a part of. The more opportunities for the Knockouts the merrier.”

It remains to be seen if the upcoming NWA event will include talent from other promotions, but crossovers in wrestling have become a staple of the sport lately. Impact themselves have seen crossover with All Elite Wrestling since the two began a working relationship this past December.

Kenny Omega has been a regular on Impact television, while the Good Brothers have shown up on Dynamite. While a couple others from AEW have wrestled on Impact television, no female stars have crossed over.

It remains to be seen if any of any AEW’s women will make their way to Impact, but if they do, Rosemary will be waiting.

“We would invite any of them to come to our turf, to come to our world and chomp up the hill,” Rosemary said.