Ruby Riott’s New Post-WWE Ring Name Revealed After Possible Assistance From Rocker

Former WWE Superstar Ruby Riott (Dori Prange, fka Heidi Lovelace) has apparently revealed her new post-WWE ring name.

Riott recently changed her name to "Ruby Soho" on Instagram. Her new Instagram handle is @realrubysoho.


Ruby appeared on The Wrestling Perspective podcast earlier this month, which is co-hosted by Rancid guitarist/vocalist Lars Frederiksen. She noted then that she still wants to be addressed as Ruby, but has no plans on bringing back the "Heidi Lovelace" name she used before WWE.

It was also revealed then that "Ruby Soho" was a possibility for her new ring name. That name was inspired by the 1995 punk rock song of the same name by the band Rancid, from "...And Out Come the Wolves," their third studio album. Frederiksen even offered to get Ruby the rights to use the "Ruby Soho" single as her entrance theme.

"I would like to [keep the name Ruby] if it's possible," she said during the podcast (H/T to "I feel like it fits me. Ruby came from 'Ruby Soho,' and so I hold that very dear to my heart."


Frederiksen chimed in, "Okay, well, that was gonna be one of my suggestions. Why not just do Ruby Soho? I got a couple guys I know who can clear the music for you."

Ruby responded, "Stop! You can't say that to me and have me not lose my mind right now!"

Frederiksen insisted, "Well, I swear to god... I can get on a group text right now and get you cleared in about ten minutes."

Ruby exclaimed, "Oh my god! Yes!"

Ruby was released from her WWE contract back on June 2, along with other budget cuts. She will become a free agent once her 90-day non-compete clause expires on Tuesday, August 31.

Stay tuned for more.