Samoa Joe - WWE Performance Center News

Samoa Joe was reportedly at the WWE Performance Center this week.

As noted earlier at this link, it was revealed on Friday that WWE NXT officials want to bring Joe back to the brand as an in-ring competitor. Joe had been working the RAW announce team for several months and was released from his WWE contract in mid-April along with other budget cuts, but lately there has been a push to bring Joe back to the company, to wrestle for NXT.

In an update, it's been confirmed that Joe was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando earlier this week, according to Fightful Select. There is no word yet on why he was there, but it was said to be a brief visit.

While talent in NXT are heavily speculating on a return for Joe, some also believe that it is really going to happen. It should be noted that there is no indication as of Friday that a deal has been made, or will be made, according to the report. It's been reported that people within WWE are pushing for some of the recently released Superstars to be brought back to the company, and Joe is one of those wrestlers.

Joe was released on April 15 and is reportedly under a standard 90-day non-compete clause, which would make him a free agent on Wednesday, July 14. It will be very interesting to see if he re-signs before then.

Stay tuned for more on Joe.