Scott Hall Recalls Shawn Michaels “Throwing Triple H Under The Bus” To Vince McMahon

As a special guest on the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast, Scott Hall spoke about his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the nWo for the 2020 class. The former Razor Ramon said they originally had plans to call Eric Bischoff live during the ceremony before the Hall of Fame was rescheduled for this year, but then Bischoff got inducted this year as well.


"I remember before the pandemic became a factor and Mark Carrano still worked for the WWE and he spoke to me and talked about nWo is going to go in and at that time the plan was at the [Hall of Fame] we're going to call Eric up on stage and put him in [the Hall of Fame with the nWo]," Hall said. "I was thinking that sounds really cool, but I'm going to make sure my buddy E is prepared, he's wearing a nice tux.

"I never had to make that decision because it never worked out but to go in as Razor, if it means you're better than everybody else, hell, I'll take one. I'll take two [Hall of Fame inductions]."

Hall also talked about the infamous "Curtain Call" that occurred in May of 1996 where The Kliq members broke character at a live event at Madison Square Garden and shared a group hug in the middle of the ring. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer said that was all Shawn Michaels' idea and he witnessed Shawn go into Vince McMahon's office and pitch it.


"He kind of threw Triple H under the bus that night at the Garden," Hall said. "Triple H was supposed to get the big push. He was supposed to get the Stone Cold spot, they were grooming him for that but then Vince had to punish somebody. I was in Vince's office when Shawn came in and pitched the curtain call. Vince was finally talking to me about staying and I was like it's too late, I'm already done. Shawn came in and said 'I want Razor to come out to the ring in my match,' Vince said 'Is it important to you?' And [Shawn] said yeah, and [Vince] said 'Well, make it happen.' He knew, but I think what happened was, now the guys are trying to bring the business down.

"The guys who were staying were really mad. I'm glad we did it. I didn't plan it, it was all Shawn's idea and he was the one staying. There's a famous picture of Shawn wearing one of the early Outsiders shirts, I think he was doing that just to give him some kind of ammunition with Vince. Now he's thrown his last buddy, Triple H, under the ring so he's there solo now with no friends. It's lonely at the top, that's when [Michaels] may have started his pill use and alcohol use may have increased at the time."

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