On Saturday, several fans uploaded their impersonations of WWE SmackDown Superstar Seth Rollins as part of the #SethRollinsDripChallenge on TikTok.

Rollins was clearly unimpressed by one such impersonator. As seen in the video below, he told the fan: “No..No..no! You’ve got it all wrong. First of all, you’re a terrible impersonator of yours truly. Second of all, your drip’s a mess. You’ve got two gloves…I’m a one glove brother.”

A ticked off Rollins proceeded to call the impersonation a “deep fake.”

“You’re…wait a minute! This is a deep fake! This is a deep fake! That’s not real! That’s not your real body or your real head! Get out of here! Get ’em out!”

The reaction was shared by WWE’s official Twitter account. Rollins re-tweeted the video along with the caption:

This is about as legitimate as Ms. Braxton’s “interview” last night!!! ALL POPPYCOCK!

Rollins had earlier criticized Kayla Braxton following their interview segment on this week’s SmackDown. He called the interview “a ONE-SIDED AMBUSH!” and told Braxton that being biased would get her nowhere.