Shawn Michaels Talks Producing NXT UK, The NXT Backstage Culture

Former WWE superstar and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently sat down to do an interview for an episode of Rasslin' with Brandon F. Walker. Walker mentioned the recent A&E documentary about Shawn Michaels and how there have been at least thirty different documentaries about The Heartbreak Kid.


"Well look, [if] you screw up your life enough they want to do a lot [about you], if you live a train wreck of a life they want to capture that sometimes and tell that story," laughed Shawn Michaels. "There are a number of them out there, obviously things are different now. A&E, I think, is probably a different audience, I would imagine. I guess the tragedy always sells better than the second half of my life.

"I guess I am always thankful that now we are able to at least put a little focus on the now, more of my life has been good as opposed to the other side. Obviously you don't get to become the person you are without the past. And look, it was what it was. But I am excited to show it to folks who may not know about it."


While speaking about the present, Michaels gave an update on his current activities with NXT. Michaels says he has been busy producing the NXT UK brand and does whatever he can to help the product. He also discussed how Triple H got him involved with the brand in the first place.

"Well first it started out as me coming in as just a coach," recalled Michaels. "Hunter was very open about, 'Look, just stick your big toe in and see what you like, what you enjoy, and then we'll go from there. And he did that knowing full well, he knows his friend like the back of his hand, before long that I would be all the way in and would want to be a part of absolutely everything that is NXT. And that's where we're at four years later.

"I produce the NXT UK brand. They have been very trusting in putting that in my hands. And I also do absolutely everything I can here with NXT domestic. Producing, directing, I absolutely help in every aspect that I can."

The topic of WALTER was also brought up during the interview, with the host saying he thought WALTER is pretty good. Michaels quickly agreed, saying he would put WALTER up against anybody. Michaels is asked if ever thinks about the matches he could've had against WALTER, and if there are any other talents he has had those same thoughts about.


"I will say this, there are a lot of them," admitted Michaels. "And that is why, again, everyone sort of has their dream matches. There are always times where I see a lot of people, like Johnny Gargano, there are a number of guys, Adam Cole, WALTER, Finn Balor, a number of people you look at and think to yourself, 'Man, if I was born just a little bit later that would've been really fun.' Because there are just so many talented guys out there for myself, personally, that would've been really interesting and fun to work with."

Michaels also discussed the current backstage culture of NXT and the current status of the brand. He says that the product in NXT is very much passion-based, and the consistent emergence of new talent on the brand keeps things refreshed. The host brings up Adam Cole, Finn Bálor, Karion Kross, Johnny Gargano, and Kyle O'Reilly and how talented they are, and Michaels agrees, but points out other talents on the roster as well.

"I think it's great," exclaimed Michaels. "I think it will continue to grow. All the names you mentioned [are] such a pretty darn solid foundation. [But] you're not mentioning Cameron Grimes, LA Knight, Swerve, you know, and that is what is so fantastic about [NXT]. There are so many people coming from underneath and there's a whole other group of young talent that are underneath that.


"That's what I enjoy about this. We never get out of that fun and enjoyable stage when wrestling is at its purest and you're doing it for the sheer passion and love of doing it, and that's what I like about it. . . We're still at the stage where they're very inspired and very passionate. They see our passion and our love for pouring into them the best knowledge and ability that we have, and so that's why I think everything works for all of us. It really is a hell of a group down here, and there's a hell of culture down here that everyone enjoys and buys into."

You can listen to the interview in full HERE.

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