WWE United States Champion Sheamus says he will not be relinquishing his title after suffering a broken nose during the non-title loss to Humberto Carrillo on last night’s RAW.

As noted, Monday’s RAW saw The Celtic Warrior suffer back-to-back non-title losses to Ricochet and Carrillo. He took a stiff strike from Carrillo in the second match, which broke his nose. He then bled heavily until the match ended, with blood running down his chest and face at times.

It was reported after RAW that Sheamus did suffer a broken nose, but word from backstage was that he will only miss in-ring time if WWE officials require him to sit out.

In an update, Sheamus took to Twitter this afternoon and shared another rough-looking selfie that shows the busted nose and a shiner Carrillo left him with. The champ said he will not be vacating the title.

“..sorry NOT VACATING. #USChampion,” he wrote as the caption to the selfie.

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