The Hurricane Reveals Who Helped Nikki Cross Pitch Super Hero Gimmick To WWE

WWE Producer "The Hurricane" Shane Helms took to Twitter this week and endorsed the new super hero gimmick that Nikki Cross debuted on this week's RAW.

As noted, Cross debuted the new look and reunited with Alexa Bliss on this week's RAW to defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in a Money In the Bank qualifier. Cross talked about how she had a spark in her heart, and was representing for people and their shortcomings with the new look. Her husband, Killian Dain, later revealed that Cross came up with the gimmick on her own.

As is the case with change in pro wrestling, many fans took to Twitter with criticism for the new gimmick. Cross also received a significant amount of positive feedback from fans. In response to the criticism, the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine pointed out on Twitter how fans once "guffawed" at Hurricane Helms as well.

Helms, WWE's most iconic super hero, responded to that tweet from Pro Wrestling Illustrated and said his friends and co-workers also had similar reactions. He then endorsed Cross, and pointed to how three other wrestlers were pushed due to his character – Stacy Keibler as Super Stacy, WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly as Mighty Molly, and Rosey as Rosey The S.H.I.T.

He wrote, "Yup. So did a lot of my friends and peers. But I got it over, so over in fact, that THREE other Talents became derivatives of MY character. How often does that happen? And now @NikkiCrossWWE steps up to the plate and I'm gonna support her every step of the way! Fly Nikki Fly!"

Cross responded to Helms' support and said his blessing is important.

"your blessing on this means so much to me. It's important. Nobody will ever ever replace Hurricane Helms. He's one in a gazillion. I treasure your support and hope to make you proud as I carve my path. I just gotta track the Hurricane down first! I keep missing him at #WWERaw," she wrote.

On a related note, artist Rob Downie revealed on Twitter this week that Cross brought her idea to him a few months ago, and he helped her pitch the gimmick to WWE.

"I'm so glad I can talk about this now. [grinning face emoji] I helped @NikkiCrossWWE pitch this idea a few months back. I'm so happy to see it brought to life. [grinning face emoji]," he wrote as the caption to a concept art graphic.

Downie also wrote that some wrestling fans aren't happy with him because they aren't too keen on the new Cross gimmick.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not phased by the negativity. There's been about 10 times more positive feedback than negative and I wouldn't change a thing. Huge thanks for everyone's support over the years, inside wrestling and out. I didn't expect you all to get me this far. [smiling face with cold sweat emoji] [heart emoji]," he wrote.

Stay tuned for more on Cross. You can see the related tweets below, along with another exchange Cross had with Helms on Monday night: