The Rock Links up With Jeff Bezos, Seven Bucks And Amazon Working On New Project

Former WWE Champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has linked up with the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos.

Rock took to Instagram this week and revealed that he and the Amazon founder recently spent some time together, and that his Seven Bucks Productions will be working with Amazon Studios. He also teased an announcement, which ended up being the new "Red One" movie.

Rock posted a photo of he and Bezos on a beach, and wrote, "One of us graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton and the other once asked his criminal law professor if he could "slip me a few answers" so he could guarantee an A on his midterm exam [hand raised emoji] [face palm emoji] [laughing emoji] Exciting week coming up as our @amazonstudios & @sevenbucksprod come together for a big announcement to deliver fun to families around the world. Shared passions and always putting in the hard work with our own two hands. I look forward to this one, brother. Teremana is on the way! [tumbler emoji] And when I rock my Amazon shirt for our meetings to talk shop it sorta makes us twinning. #amazon #sevenbucks #hardestworkersintheroom @jeffbezos"

The "Red One" movie will film in 2022 and be released in 2023 around the holidays, according to Deadline. Seven Bucks will develop the film with Amazon Studios after Amazon won the project following a highly competitive bidding war. Rock will star in the "four-quadrant holiday action adventure comedy" project, conceived by Hiram Garcia, the President of Production at Seven Bucks. Rock and Dany Garcia will serve as Executive Producers. Amazon will look to "exploit" the movie across multiple ancillaries, in addition to being a tentpole. Chris Morgan, who has written seven films from the "Fast" franchise, will write the screenplay and produce.

Rock's photo with Bezos, which was posted to Instagram and Facebook but not Twitter, brought him a significant amount of negative feedback from fans. Many people left comments in support of the Rock – Bezos alliance, but significantly more knocked the partnership based on Amazon's employment practices, Amazon not paying taxes, and other reasons.

Stay tuned for updates on what Rock and Bezos have planned past the "Red One" film. You can see Rock's full post below: