Tyler Breeze Comments On His WWE Release & Future

While on "The Sweetz Live" Twitch Channel, former WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze spoke about his WWE release and his future plans. As reported, he was released on June 25 along with several others.

Breeze spoke about how being with WWE for 11 years was more than he could ask for. He also noted that he was with WWE longer than most people (h/t f4Online).

"I was with the company for eleven years," Tyler Breeze said. "An eleven year run in the biggest wrestling company in the world is unheard of, it's a huge thing. Most people are there for three or four years. The fact that I was there for 11, fantastic, more than I could ask for."

While speaking about his future, Breeze said that he'll be streaming and setting up his Cameo account again. When he was asked if he would be continuing his wrestling career, the former WWE star said that he doesn't know yet.

"I'll be streaming and we have a lot of stuff to figure out," he said. "A lot of stuff is still in the works. Yes, I'm setting up my Cameo again, I'm just waiting for them to approve it. There's a lot of stuff in the air that we're slowly figuring out. You guys will kinda know as I know. We're trying to figure out a lot of stuff."

"Will I continue my wrestling career? I don't know, we'll have to see," he said when asked. "I haven't decided yet."

Breeze also confirmed that he does have a 90-day non-compete clause.