Former WWE star Tyler Breeze was among the 14 names released yesterday by WWE as the company continued its reported budget cuts. Breeze signed with WWE in 2010 and became one of the NXT’s most popular names with his Zoolander-esque model charachter. Starting out in WWE’s previous developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling, Breeze’s long friendship with Xavier Woods began.

Yesterday afternoon, Breeze did a friend appreciation post where he showed photos of the two over the years and commented on their time together.

“Friend Appreciation Post. Can’t say enough good things about this man. Austin is not only one of my best friends but also a damn great human,” Breeze wrote. “One of the first people I met and wrestled when I was hired by WWE. We quickly became very close and essentially grew up together in WWE. Been through a ton of times good and bad together but always come out the other side better.

“The amount of time and effort he has put in to not only build @upupdwndwn into the huge success it is, but to also form a close knit group of hard working individuals who pump out content daily. He has helped numerous people either get a job or keep a job and has been a shining light and irreplaceable cog in the wheel. Opening up multiple opportunities for not only himself but being so adamant in opening up doors for his circle as well. Not many people would do that and it’s something that he should be celebrated for. I know I owe a ton to him and so do several others.

“Never asking for acknowledgment or praise but just continuing to work hard and see where his limits are, which it doesn’t seem like he has any. All of this and not even mentioning that he’s a father, a husband and working on his PHD. He is the epitome of having no excuses and creating the life you want to live. Austin I love you and thank you For everything as well as being my friend. There is no one else I’d rather annoy and make angry.”

Woods later responded with some thoughts of his own:

“When I met @mmmgorgeous we were in FCW. We were cool but ended up both being injured once and we would keep each other from going insane by waking up and playing Borderlands 2 online together,” Woods wrote. “Through this video game we realized that we were the ying to the others yang. Started talking and hanging out more and realized I was really charismatic but not the best wrestler and he was an amazing wrestler but not the most charismatic. We fit together like puzzle pieces and began learning from each other.

“Some coaches told me quite a few times to ‘Watch who I hang out with,’ ‘Distance yourself from that guy,’ ‘Why would you wanna tag with him? He’s not going to help your career.’ Some even tried lying in an attempt to put us against each other. We never understood it but by never letting anyone ever get to us. He taught me how to be better in the ring and I helped him bring out his natural charisma. Since then, every step my @wwe career Matt has literally always been there right with me no matter what.

“He pushes me to get better and to believe in myself when I don’t. I’m not sure where I’d be in life if he wasn’t in mine. Today sucks. It really sucks. But I’m happy because now my incredibly talented friend gets to do whatever he wants to do and I’m so happy that he has that freedom. Love you man! Also, we bonded through games. And we will stick together with games.”