"Unforgettable" Dark Side Of The Ring Episode To Air Tonight With Jake Roberts And Family

Tonight's new edition of Dark Side of The Ring on Vice TV will be the "In the Shadow of Grizzly Smith" episode.

This episode will tell the controversial story of Smith, who was a veteran wrestler and later an official for WWE and WCW. Smith was also the father of WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, Sam Houston, and former WWE Women's Champion Rockin' Robin. He passed away in 2010 at the age of 77.

The Dark Side Twitter account noted that Roberts and his siblings will "struggle to confront their traumatic past of familial abuse, and the mysterious abduction of their sister" Jo Lynn Smith, who was abducted from her home on November 20, 1979, and never seen again.

The episode will also feature Jim Cornette, Baby Doll (Nickla Roberts-Byrd) and others.

As seen in the tweet below, Pro Wrestling Tees has released a new Jake t-shirt for tonight's premiere, and the first-ever Rockin' Robin t-shirt.

Dark Side co-creator Jason Eisener noted on Twitter that he is very proud of tonight's episode.

He wrote, "I'm very proud of this episode and hope it can help people who may be struggling with similar issues as Jake and his siblings."

Dark Side composer Andrew Gordon Macpherson said tonight's episode is unforgettable.

He wrote, "So proud of my colleagues on the @DarkSideOfRing team... tonight's episode is unforgettable."

Dark Side co-creator Evan Husney responded to Andrew's tweet and said some of his best work is featured on this episode.

Stay tuned for more on Dark Side of The Ring. You can see related clips and photos for tonight's show below: